Monday, July 29, 2019

Citizen Clay KCMO Defamation Redux

The latest from the most prolific petitioners in Kansas City politics . . .

Clay Chastain: Federal Judge allows Citizen Clay to fix, re-file & seek justice anew against slanderous Star.

If We the People cannot challenge our City government, and the newspaper that covers for it, without fear of being retaliated against - then We the People are not free.

Like people, institutions are neither all good nor all bad. But, when there is a nasty, vindictive and false element at work inside the Kansas City Star newspaper and City Hall it must be flushed out for the common good of all.

City Hall and the Kansas City Star combine to lead our City with a liberal and socialism-oriented agenda. It is a free country. They do not like Citizen Clay because I am a conservative and individualistic-oriented activist that routinely challenges their leadership with petitions. To blunt my crusades to improve Kansas City with my ideas, they have combined forces to falsely stigmatize me to the public as.... dangerous (making "perceived threats against Mayor Sly James"), having suffered mental illness ("depression"), having "financially struggled" and involved in Kansas City's business just to "file lawsuits against Kansas City."

You know the drill, throw at Citizen Clay accusations (that all carry a stigma) so the people will despise Clay, tell him to go home and ignore his cause. Typical Orwellian tactics....beat down your opponent with nasty, false, distracting and defamatory propaganda that damages his good reputation. And, oh yes, keep asking the people..."Why won't he just leave us alone?"

My defamation cases against both the Star and City Manager Troy Schulte (who started it all by falsely accusing me of threatening Mayor Sly James which resulted in him putting me on a "Watch List" for 3-years and forcing me to be escorted about City Hall by an armed security guard) are emblematic of this threat to our right to free speech. And the Star further compounded its defamation crime by its Fake News reporting of it (Star-July 22, 2019).

The Fake News (distort the truth and / or state things out of context and / or omit crucial information) Star stated that U.S. District Court Judge Greg Kays dismissed my defamation complaint against the Star because I failed to adequately prove the Star's slanderous accusations were false. The judge did make that ruling. But, the crucial detail the Star conveniently left out of their slanted and trumpeted report was that the judge also dismissed my complaint WITHOUT PREJUDICE. This means, the judge is going to let me fix it, re-file it and seek justice anew. In other words, there must be some under-lying truth to my complaint (I obviously made legal errors presenting my case) and thus the Star is not yet off the hook. The judge could have ruled with prejudice; he could have ruled my complaint frivolous; and he could have ordered me to pay the Star's legal fees. Federal District Court Judge Greg Hays did none of that. And the Fake News Star left that crucial part of his ruling out of its story.

The Star and City Hall are beating a savage drum to damage my good reputation with false slanderous accusations. And if this community decides to believe them and believe that Citizen Clay (who holds life-long Christian values, has worked hard and contributed to America all his life and is the father of two beautiful daughters) is... dangerous to the public's safety, has suffered from mental illness, has financially struggled and has only been trying to help improve Kansas City for 28-years just so he can file lawsuits against Kansas City, then they will have won, and none of us are free.

Kansas City Community Activist, Clay Chastain

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Byron Funkhouser said...

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Byron Funkhouser said...

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