Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Buttigieg Tours KCMO With Jason Kander

An apropos collabo given that the Democratic Party contender swagger-jacked nearly all this native's moves according to our reader community . . .

Democratic presidential hopeful Buttigieg coming to KC


"Before the Buttigeig leaves KC he will be heading to the Veterans Community Project for a tour with Jason Kander, who announced Monday that he’ll be leading a national expansion with VCP, and Kansas City Mayor-elect Quinton Lucas. Tickets for the Tuesday event range from $25 to $1,000, with the higher priced tickets still available."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Narcissism on steroids.
And you really have to question Jason Pander's judgment.
Lost a U S Senate race.
Thought he could run for president and created a fake nonprofit that supposed was all about "voter suppression". Guess that issue was solved, because Pander's efforts were abandoned.
Then announced his candidacy for mayor of KCMO.
Abandoned that effort due to "PTSD".
Supported loser Justus in the mayoral race.
Runs to the front of the effort by many dozens of people who have been working for years on housing for homeless vets.
Now fronting for yet another losing candidate.
Lots and lots of "look at me" face time.
Not so much.
And a miraculous recovery from his "combat related" condition.
The most dangerous place around is between this guy and a television camera.

Anonymous said...

Buttplug is a pinko.

Anonymous said...

@820 said about all the things I was going to say...I had one more addition. The only time I had respect for this commie (Kander) was when he fronted the effort for human trafficking in MO while a state senator. Then he dropped that when he realized it was going to mean he would be working on the right side of illegal immigration and against the Democrat Party.

This guy's only real achievement is marrying a hot woman.

Anonymous said...

And the horseshit shown in the above comments is what is firing up the majority of the American People to throw the current president* out the door and back to "Hustleville".

Anonymous said...

I thought Kander endorsed Jolie!!

Anonymous said...

Tickets still available?!?! No fucking way

Anonymous said...

Buttplugs father was a Professor and the founder of the Antonio Gramsci Society...Gramsci was a leading Communist Theoretician.

Buttplug is, indeed, without doubt a Communist.

Anonymous said...


RULE 1: Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Buttigieg and Pander are 2 members of the same training program which moved aspiring young politicians into position for national office after military service. One is working as planned, the other came up short.

Buttigieg went to Harvard, Oxford, and worked at McKinsey and Company. He was an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve 2009-2017 (Afghanistan deployment 2014 fighting financial corruption).
Elected Mayor of South Bend,Indiana 2011 and 2015. Came out publicly as gay in 2015. Announced 2020 presidential candidacy in April 2019. His father is originally from Malta.

Pander went to American University, Georgetown, and worked for a KC law firm that supports Democrats. He was an intelligence officer in the U.S. Army National Guard (Afghanistan deployment 2005 fighting financial corruption). Elected to the MO House 2008 and 2010, Secretary of State 2012, lost the U.S. Senate race 2016, dropped out of KCMO Mayoral primary in 2018. Had previously tried to lay the groundwork for a 2020 presidential candidacy. His wife is originally from the former Soviet Union.
Pander was a sloppy campaigner focusing on Hollywood soundbites and video gimmicks. He got caught claiming to be MO's Attorney General, lying about being a multi-generational Missouri resident, running a Trojan horse candidate in the mayoral primary, paying the Cleaver family for a political endorsement, along with some embarrassing personal secrets. Oh, and then there was that public statement that he'd thought about killing himself more than once.

Anonymous said...

Pete and Jason make a handsome couple.

Jason had better look out. Chasten will hike up her skirt and scratch his eyes out.

Anonymous said...

Buttguy's motto is to never leave your buddy's behind..

Byron Funkhouser said...

"Narcissism on steroids."

How can a Republican not see how hypocritical this statement is?

There's a Narcissist squatting in the People's House.

Anonymous said...

You're amusing, but wrong.

Anonymous said...

Pander does not have a chance. His wife is hot, but she is a RUSSIAN. That won't go over well in this climate.

Anonymous said...

Pander? Do you want a potentially suicidal President?

That in itself could be national suicide.

Anonymous said...

Lots of penis envy from the Greedy Old Perverts here.

Still tapping their feet in the bathroom stall while waiting for the next Larry Craig.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Pete is no homo-sexual. Comment above notes he only came out of the closet like 5 yrs ago. It’s an arranged marriage LOL. He calculated that passing for homo-sexual would delight the lefties and the media airheads and give him the attention he needs to launch to higher office and he was right. It would be funny if he won and then there were affairs with women - that would be about the only sex scandal that would truly scandalize the modern day GLBQT whatever obsessed Democrats eh ?

Anonymous said...

Pander the effiminate crazy Tom Eagleton of the 21st century Missouri politics.

NicK said...

and they can blow each other to death