Monday, July 22, 2019

Activist Clay Chastain Stays Losing Against City Hall And Kansas City Star

Double bad news today for this town's most prolific petitioner in his constant battl with two KCMO institutions . . .  . . .

A lawsuit against the newspaper was thrown out and the dead-tree outlet is highlighting their victory with a front and center headline which has earned a freebie behind the paywall:

"A federal judge on Monday dismissed a defamation lawsuit against the Kansas City Star filed by transit activist and serial municipal candidate Clay Chastain . . . The column mentioned Chastain’s one-time inclusion on a City Hall watch list for perceived threats against Mayor Sly James, a history of depression and financial struggle and the numerous lawsuits he has filed against Kansas City . . . U.S. District Court Judge Greg Kays ruled Chastain had failed to establish any of the statements as false and noted Chastain acknowledged some of the statements in the very court filing where he claimed they weren’t true."

And then . . .

Mr. Chastain admit that his latest City Hall effort has hit a roadblock:

Clay Chastain The Great Petition Robbery

While the Star distracts the people with crime and sport stories, a Great Petition Robbery is taking place at City Hall. The James' gang, including Scott Wagner and Jolie Justus, have stolen a transit petition from We the People and are not letting the people vote on it. For 3-months Wagner's Finance committee has held the "Green Transit" petition in committee (signed in behalf of by 2,500 KC voters) refusing to tell We the People why! On July 17th that committee voted to hold We the People's valid petition in committee for another 6-months without explanation, while our watch dog sleeps.

Rigged elections and insider deals have been the hallmark of Kansas City's government the last 8 years. The people have largely been treated like mushrooms - kept in the dark and fed manure. Does the new mayor and council really want to follow in the last council's footsteps and continue these actions of bad faith against We the People? Message to the new City Council...listen to your constituents - We the People - and Let us Vote.

Leading Committee of Petitioner, Clay Chastain

Developing . . .


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And once again, good people, we have more evidence that Clay Chastain, your idiot hero,


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