$100K Reward For Grandview Justice

Tragic story about a local youngster killed and a MAJOR investment in finding justice for a family still in grief. Take a look:

Family of murdered Grandview 14-year-old offers $100,000 reward in case

GRANDVIEW, MO (KCTV) -- The family of a murdered 14-year-old is pleading for help from the public to get justice for their son. Damian Norfleet was killed just over a week ago on June 24. His family is announcing a reward in the case $100,000 for information about his murder.


  1. If they can afford $100,000 for a reward, whey do they need to crowd-source the $2,500 funeral expenses?

    Not that the $100k is a bad idea; that's enough to trump the hood's "code of silence." Just curious why there's dough for one thing and not the other

  2. They have backers like churches and police to pony up the cash. Funeral expenses are a different thing?

  3. Maybe Star reporters actually believe that gang banger shooters pick houses at random. Nobody else does. Possibly this kid was entirely innocent, but somebody in the place was not. Here's an idea for the next Star scandal du jour: why do ghetto rats put their families at risk of injury or death by continuing to live in their house when they ought to know somebody will shoot it up?

  4. "Why should we let negroes exist" would be a great story


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