Will Kansas City Ruin Meyer Blvd?!?!

KCMO has a horrible track record when it comes to accessibility "improvements" that typically endanger cyclists, pedestrians and drivers. Here's the latest effort:

Get a first look at potential changes to Meyer Boulevard

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Left turn lanes, medians, bike lanes and designated street-side parking could all be coming to Meyer Boulevard in the Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. Thursday, planners and consultants with the city will reveal proposals to change the east-west street between Ward Parkway and Troost Avenue.


  1. Lwandeka Amagi6/20/19, 11:42 AM

    Bunch was elected to city council so you can damn well bet Meyer will be ruined. Even Tony's captcha with bicycles verifies the demise of Meyer.

  2. ^^and yet it won't. Weird.

  3. ^^^ You need a thesaurus.

    1. 11:56 needs a lobotomy. Naw, make that an autopsy. He/she/it's gotta be brain dead.

  4. A la Armour. Good luck with this ‘improvement’ folks. $700k for the ‘improvement’ and probably close to that to correct. Actually, brilliant if you are a consultant. An absolute ass fucking if you are a tax paying resident.

  5. Hundred's of thousands for bike lanes...and there are streets in Northeast that I won't drive down...too rugged.

  6. ^^or, get this...absolutely right. Weird.

  7. Time for a protest. Park like always. Drive on the right side to impead bike riders. Call the police when the riders run red lights and stop signs, or fail to yield. Call the police if they fail to signal or if you notice bikes at a bar let them know intoxicated bike riders are on the move.

  8. Yes, let Eric Bunch screw it up, like the Bike KC boys did on Armour!

  9. Best not to Have a chip on your shoulder whilst driving folks. And please don't ram your car into a cyclist or a pedestrian what the hell is wrong with someone who talks like that???


    P.S. other than have it re paved and sometimes street swept I wish city would leave Meyer alone. Ditto for armour paseo Gladstone etc etc etc

  10. how about fixing the potholes before they make this jump and screw things up....yet again


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