Will Granny Kelly End Kansas City Metro Economic Border War?!?!

The latest & greatest hope to end overwhelming corporate welfare betwixt Kansas vs. Missouri. Take a look:

Kansas governor plans to end economic border war in KC area

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly says she plans to issue an executive order to end a longstanding economic border war between her state and Missouri in the Kansas City area. Kelly told reporters Friday that her executive order will mirror a new Missouri law that prevents incentives from being used to lure businesses across the border in the metropolitan area.


  1. Wonder if the legislature will follow up with a bill? An executive order could be rescinded by next admin. but a signed bill would signal a true end to the subsidies chasing, no net job growth border jumpers.


  2. I hope the state of Kansas ends this stupid thing the governments in the area are doing over and over again. She is a terrible governor but this could be a good thing. Companies that push for incentives are just blood suckers. It causes higher property taxes on the rest of us and so even the money they give away is OUR money. I think they should also have an accompanying bill that takes away the ability of politicians, chambers of commerce and economic development wonks from ever giving a tax break that includes school taxes. You realize tax breaks hurt our schools. That drops test scores, graduation rates, raises school lunch programs, music programs, athletic programs it increases problems in schools including violence etc. It is a snowball rolling down a steep hill.


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