White Lady From Kansas City Star Confronts 3rd District Campaign Racism?!?!

Yes, the mailer was sleazy but most mailers are quite literally nothing more than junk mail garbage. Here's the newspaper climbing upon their high horse and delving into urban core politics on the side of the winner, of course . . .

Anatomy of a smear: Why did KC's Freedom, Inc. fund a racist campaign mailer?

Missouri Rep. Brandon Ellington was denied access to the Crossroads Correctional Facility in Cameron, Missouri on Thursday, August 30, 2018. Is there not enough racism and fearmongering at large in the land without Freedom, Inc. contributing its own share of the poison to which they're supposed to be an antidote?


  1. Byron Funkhouser6/20/19, 5:22 PM

    I believe in Freedom, Inc.'s mission.

    I also believe in Brandon Ellington, far more than any other Kansas City politico.

    He is NOT "too extreme". The mailer is essentially lying. Freedom should apologize for this deceptive mailer.

    I hope they can come to some understanding that will allow them to work together. They are both necessary.

    Someday, Brandon Ellington could be your next mayor.

  2. This was a big loss for Freedom, it seems like they disgraced themselves.

  3. someone give me a summary. I don't click on any links from the kc satr because i don't want to give them views

  4. So freedom inc wanted the fat fake rev to win?

    STFU bLIEron, this doesn’t concern you one bit, you worthless tax stealing whore. Brandon Ellington is almost as worthless as you, almost

  5. Bigger question...Why did Freedom Inc promote predominantly White candidates, in some cases over the Black candidate. These clowns are losing it. Half their offspring are in biracial relationships. Time for Freedom Inc to move on. Their time has past...


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