What To Do With Pets After Kansas City Domestic Drama Harsh Times?!?!?

Pets are simple, very much like social media THOTS, KC Kitties & Doggies only "love" where their next meal is coming form . . . Nevertheless, after a brutal domestic squabble, the topic of pet custody concerns locals who have already demonstrated poor decision making skills. This missive attempts to help solve the crisis or at least provide a window into the sordid affairs of the the NEXTGEN -- Who have yet to give up on love like the rest of cynical old-ass Kansas City. Checkit:

For domestic violence victims with pets in the KC area, there are a few options - but more are needed

Photo courtesy of RedRover When Sunny moved in with her now ex-boyfriend, in 2014, she brought along her two dogs, Delilah and Abby. Things were great for the first six months. Then something changed. Sunny's boyfriend became verbally abusive toward her.


  1. Yeah rose brooks has been doing this for years. way to keep up with the times, pitch

  2. The "Pet Palace" or whatever is super-fantastic for providing pet care, but perhaps RB + other DV shelters should consider directing resources to providing CHILDCARE?? (Like some other shelters in MO)

    Unpaid domestic labor (especially childcare) may help launch + enable one partner's prof career but it cuts the other off at the knees--especially in a violent home. Economic disempowerment is a HUGE factor in what keeps many (overwhelmingly women) TRAPPED in these relationships in the FIRST PLACE. Shouldn't a "sanctuary" prioritize this glaring need?

    can't afford childcare -> can't work -> can't make $ -> can't leave the bastard
    (who doesn't pay for childcare -> b/c he doesn't want you to work -> so you can't make $ -> so you can't leave the bastard--who yes--kicks the dog around, too)


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