Westport Serves More Carbs Betwixt Gunfire

Quick Kansas City high calorie news before we really get started as this party district garners increasingly fast turnaround for FAILED foodie projects. Take a look at the latest crop:

Four new mini-restaurants coming in Westport -- bringing New York pizza and giant cinnamon rolls

Denver Biscuit Co. / Image courtesy of Atomic ProvisionsFour new mini-restaurants are coming to the Westport neighborhood this October, and they'll all be under one roof. Atomic Provisions, a restaurant group that operates out of Denver, recently acquired the historic City Ice Building which will house Atomic Cowboy, Denver Biscuit Company, Fat Sully's and Frozen Gold.


  1. Way to smart for the crooked politics of KC6/18/19, 7:54 AM

    "a restaurant group that operates out of Denver"

    Here we go again

  2. "mini-restaurants"

    Translation.. We don't expect to be in business very long.

  3. sounds like it's only two restaurants...one that sells pizza by the slice and one that sells biscuits

    the other two are a traditional bar and an ice cream place. Interested to see what the market in westport is like for biscuits and pizza


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