Westport Foodie Collabo Coming Soon

More insight on this trendy foodie amalgamation of restaurant offerings that couldn't possibly make it on their own. Take a look:

In Kansas City, Westport's City Ice Building Will Soon House Four Unique Concepts Under One Roof

Another Denver-based food-and-drink company has Kansas City - and more specifically Westport - in its sights for expansion. Drew Shader plans to bring Atomic Provisions, the umbrella company that owns the all-in-one bar concept Atomic Cowboy, to Kansas City.


  1. What is up with these food halls? Sorry i still like sit down service and people waiting on me and i don't like to go get my food and drinks.
    Millenials are ruining service.

  2. ^^But here's the rub geezer. Those people fucking HATE waiting on you! You smell bad, don't tip for shit, and constantly complain from the moment you sit down till you walk your smelly ass out two hours later. You are unworthy of service!

  3. ^^Oh snap!!!!12:45PM tried to post some millennial junk and got his geezer skull caved in by 1:46PM for the effort! Bravo! Bravo!

  4. ^^Oh look!!!! Geezer haters 3:42 and his boyfriend 1:46 go for the smoked sausages, cream sauce, and fudge cake. Those AREN'T on the menus!6/25/19, 6:40 PM

    1:46 & 3:52 love these food halls for the low-class meet ups with their gayzer buttboiz. It's nostalgia for their nasty public school lunchrooms and the frequent pole smoking they did in the boys' room when they ditched PE classes.


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