Wall Street Journal Considers Kansas Vs. Missouri Economic Border War Truce

Really great roundup and a glimpse at the future of economic competition that has workers running in circles and biz hurting employees. Non-subscribers who don't click WSJ too often might even get this one for free. Take a look:

Tired of Fighting for Business, Missouri and Kansas Near Cease-Fire Deal Over Incentives

Kansas and Missouri are gearing up for a truce to an economic border war that has cost hundreds of millions of dollars and created barely any new jobs.


  1. Damn it I work on Wall Street this is going to put a serious dent in maintaining my cocaine and hooker habit!

  2. Can the Star steal this story and reprint it without attribution too?

  3. The border wall incentives has been a gravy train for the corporate welfare crowd. They will fight tooth and nail to maintain it.


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