Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Wall Street Journal Considers Kansas Vs. Missouri Economic Border War Truce

Really great roundup and a glimpse at the future of economic competition that has workers running in circles and biz hurting employees. Non-subscribers who don't click WSJ too often might even get this one for free. Take a look:

Tired of Fighting for Business, Missouri and Kansas Near Cease-Fire Deal Over Incentives

Kansas and Missouri are gearing up for a truce to an economic border war that has cost hundreds of millions of dollars and created barely any new jobs.


Anonymous said...

Damn it I work on Wall Street this is going to put a serious dent in maintaining my cocaine and hooker habit!

Anonymous said...

Can the Star steal this story and reprint it without attribution too?

Anonymous said...

The border wall incentives has been a gravy train for the corporate welfare crowd. They will fight tooth and nail to maintain it.