Tyreek Hill 8 Hour EPIC NFL Meetup Aftermath

More description of a Q&A torture session after an inevitable salary hit and public disgrace but no criminal charges. Checkit:

Tyreek Hill meets with NFL for eight hours

Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill met for eight hours with NFL officials today as the league continues to review whether Hill violated the league's personal conduct policy. A league source tells PFT that Hill's meeting with NFL Special Counsel for Investigations Lisa Friel and her deputy, Jennifer


  1. Byron Funkhouser6/27/19, 11:20 AM

    Obviously, he will be sanctioned. The real question is how many games he will have to sit out. My guess is he will be banned for one whole season, to send a message to the other young hot heads.

  2. What exactly did Hill (himself) do that would justify a sanction, and where's the proof of same?

  3. His kid's broken arm is the proof. He didn't break it himself.

  4. ^^^And no evidence that Hill broke the arm? Or if you have it, spill.

  5. What I think:
    Either Tyreek or his baby-mama broke the son's arm. And if it was Crystal, Tyreek would have turned her in. Instead, they're both tight-lipped about it, hoping the big NFL $ keeps coming in. No proof, just my take. I think that his admitted beating with a belt got out of hand, and it escalated from discipline to abuse. I believe that Hill is guilty, he is a very good player, but he cannot betray his family when he's off the field.


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