Trade War Ruins Kansas City 4th?!?!

Bad news for locals who spend far too much cash blowing up their own neighborhoods. Check the bottom line that begins price increases for all manner of cheap Chinese junk that Americans don't really need to seem to be addicted to nevertheless:

Riverside business owner fears Chinese tariffs may raise firework prices

RIVERSIDE, MO (KCTV) -- Vendors are watching what happens with additional Chinese tariffs proposed by the Trump administration, which could raise firework prices if they go into effect. Right now, there are about 900 different kinds of fireworks for sale in Joe Digiovanni's tent, and all of them are from china.


  1. So now it will cost more to see your hard earned money go up in smoke?

  2. If you haven't outgrown fireworks by your early 20s then you are truly retarded. But then again you dolts are in your 40s and still watching your superhero movies.

  3. THe same ones that blow up in your hands


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