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Super Dave: My take and talk on upcoming election

I attended a social event in South Kansas City last night with a group of friends and of course it didn’t take long for the conversation to be all about the upcoming election for the Kansas City mayor.

First thing -- the focus was on me wanting my input and overall analysis of the two candidates. While not being eligible to vote in the election the outcome of the election could have some long-term effects financially for me in the future. So in a nutshell this is what I told everybody and it appeared most were in agreement with my thoughts.

The voters of Kansas City will go to the polls here in a couple of days to either cast a vote for somebody they want to see as mayor of Kansas City or to make a vote hoping to keep somebody from being mayor of Kansas City. Neither candidate has any earthshaking past political achievements in which to build the foundation that would be the making of a good mayor. Both have served on the council and gone along and played along with the current regime in office under the guidance of Mayor James. Jolie Justus has been far from open and honest about the airport deal that she pushes for so hard and Quinton basically stands there with this stupid looking grin on his face as he goes along for the ride. The DUI thing wasn’t handled correctly and many people don’t like how it was handled at all. If I was a candidate for mayor in any city and there was a video that for sure prove my innocence of a DUI charge I would make damn sure it was made public. How can you vote for a person honestly who can’t be honest with you about what took place one night after some what appears to be possibly heavy drinking?

No matter how you look at it the workings of City Hall in Kansas City Missouri I liken it to a train greatly exceeding its capable speed and headed for the worst section of track in the nation. In short a disaster has to be in the making and it won’t be pretty when the train leaves the tracks. Justus or Lucas either one does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling of having the capability to get Kansas City back on the right track of being a great city again. Crime rate will continue to climb and no matter what either candidate has said developer handouts will still be everyday business at 12th and Oak.

Clay Chastain could have ran away with the election if he simply would have moved back to Kansas City a year ago established his residency and gone to work on his campaign. So while he might be the breath of fresh air Kansas City needs you also have to look at him in a very cautious manner. Sometimes I look at Clay and wonder just what his real agenda is? Does he really want to be the mayor of Kansas City or does he simply like irritating the leaders of Kansas City? The guy just bounces around too much to get a firm grip on just where or what his true stances are about Kansas City. He might be the better of the other two evils but is that really saying much?

Which leads me to a question that I asked my friends, if you had a choice to write in a name would you or if you had the choice to check a box that said none of the above which would you like to have seen on this ballot? Believe it or not, none of the above box won hands-down with a couple saying they would like to see both. I’m afraid that so many voters are completely so disgruntled they’re not going to go out and cast a vote, they’re not going to show up at the polls because they think I’m not voting for either one of these clowns so I’m just not going to bother to vote at all. The sad and scary part of that are the special interest groups and the friends of the two candidates on the ballot will be the winners. The polls have been all over the place and you can’t trust them as the last presidential campaign proved. I think the number of voters that do not want the two current candidates in office is higher than either candidate will receive in actual votes. But the way the ballot is set up that fact can’t be known. I truly honestly believe that if “None of the above” was a selection you could make concerning the office of Mayor in the upcoming election it would be the choice that would win hands down here in Kansas City.

You decide . . .


  1. Nicely done Dave. Agree with your "endorsement" of a point of view and not a person.

  2. NOTA should always be on the ballot. I'll show up and be counted but a vote for mayor I will not cast.

  3. Seeing as how you don’t even live in KC, none of us that do, give a fuck what you think! Go away troll.

  4. I'm sorry Dave but you are just so fucking dumb.

  5. I'm sorry 6:26 you had to prove how fucking stupid you are.

    Super Dave Rocks

    1. How so? What does he have to say that is remotely applicable?

  6. Dave is right on the money here. I think this has to be one of the most low-interest elections Kansas City has seen in 25 years. The last Sly James vote was actually more interesting than this one. We've got two candidates who are exactly the same and aren't saying anything that people care about. What's worse is that there's really no newspaper to help report on issues that matter to people, they're just pushing the same old social justice BS on everybody. Glad to see that Dave didn't fall for it and actually think critically about what's happening in the selection.

  7. Byron Funkhouser6/16/19, 7:19 PM

    NOTA is a stupid idea.

    What would be the point? To send a message? To whom? Yourself? It's called participatory, representative democracy.

    I don't want stupid people voting, anyway.

  8. ^^^ WRONG.

    NOTA is a viable options in other countries. It's otherwise known as a vote of no confidence. Once again Byron, you reveal how little you know about the world outside of your pathetic liberal bubble.

  9. Better title: Dave has no confidence in KC elections. I can't say that I blame him!

  10. Agree that Clay Chastain is the only real choice. The only protest vote that we've got. That's why I'm going to write him in.

  11. Byron Funkhouser said...

    Herp derp..duh..doy...hey b Byron Funkhouser!...I..ugh...ugh..wanna payin' rolls n dick..n stuff? dont..duh..herp derp.

  12. Stupid Dave is a barley functioning retard. This piece was idiotic as per the usual. You knew it was a a lie when Dave said he was at a social function. You also knew it was pure fiction when he said others wanted his opinions. Ha! Pure fiction.

  13. Not A Black Man Portraying Alexander Hamilton6/16/19, 8:23 PM

    Isn't "barley" a grain or something ?

  14. 7:51 lighten up Francis, Jesus Christ your gonna have an embolism melting down over something the great super Dave wrote, everything he said was true so STFU BITCH.

    Get a grip snow flake soy boi.

  15. " I truly honestly believe that if “None of the above” was a selection you could make concerning the office of Mayor in the upcoming election it would be the choice that would win hands down here in Kansas City."

    Dead on the money.

  16. So what does KC got? One for the developers and corporate welfare and the other for the socialists and the hood rate welfare. No good options either way. Sorry guys.

  17. Just say NO.

  18. Who the hell is “Super Dave”, does this person have a real name?

  19. ^^^^ We all know Super Dave. If you don't then it's your loss. This was a great column, the guy obviously knows his stuff.

  20. ^^Stupid dave is a local retard. He can almost write legible sentences. Almost. He is a known liar with opinion on everything and it's always the dumb opinion. He has a mutual admiration society with another local retard...chuck. Both have been rumored to be lovers. Both are eually terrible. Anytime you justifiably criticize one of stupid dave's moronic ramblings, he immediately goes anonymous to criticize your critique. You can see it above. He's very thinned-skin and cannot let any negative opinion stand. It's comical.

  21. Ah, yes. No one can measure up to the Nonexistent Perfect Candidate. But here is a suggestion for the legally (and sometimes logically) challenged.

    If there were a video of Lucas' it would get TERRIBLE ratings. HE WAS ASLEEP IN HIS CAR! DUH! Probably snoring. Did he drink? Yes. Did he drive? No. He decided to sleep until he was sober enough to drive. That is what guys who are intelligent enough to graduate from an Ivy League Law School might well do.

    Mr/Ms Perfect either did not run or did not get through the Primary. So pull up your Big Person Pants and make a choice between those who did.

  22. 8:46 you say the same stuff all day long about everyone but yourself. Admit it you're the loser who resorts to grade school taunts which is probably your highest level of education you earned.

    Phil, you have no more of an idea what the video showed than any of us. But as Dave said if it 100% proves his innocence then why not make sure everyone who wants to able see such. Personally I say it proves he was charged correctly and weaseled his ass out of the charges.

    NOTA is how I will vote

  23. ^^^ha!!! 8:46AM was dead on the money!! I see you(stupid dave) responding to an attack!!! Good call 8:46AM...good call!! LOL!!!!!

  24. ^^^^^^^God you're pathetic.


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