Sunday, June 09, 2019

TKC Reality Check: Everything Related To Rock Island Development Is A Ripoff

This Missouri scam has been going on for years and now there's some good news . . . NOW THE PUBLIC CAN LOSE CASH INSTEAD OF JUST TAXPAYERS!!!

People involved in various parts of this far-reaching deal have gone go jail, promises have been broken yet transit "activists" still keep attempting to generate hype. Sadly, there's no real leadership among from local politicos and so the scam continues on this dirt road that stretches across Missouri supported by social media scammers selling a weekend adventure that nobody really wants.

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Rock Island Trail Gets Option To Raise Money, But No State Funds

A bill before Gov. Mike Parson would set up a fund to accept donations and grants to develop the 144-mile former Rock Island rail line as a recreational trail. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources would manage the fund, but there will be no state money committed to the project.


Anonymous said...

Frankie boy don’t want no money to go to anything but his wallet. This was a good idea but since he’s been in charge everything is falling apart, just like his black counterpart sLIE, everything is falling apart.

Must be a black thang.

Anonymous said...

85 million for 144 miles
250 million for a 2.5 mile street car extension.

life just isn't fair.

Anonymous said...

Guess which one promotes cardio health and which one promotes laziness?