Thursday, June 20, 2019


Over the past few months the topic of social justice and navigating a diverse society has been the dominant life lesson for locals in this angst-y district.

And so, here's a look at what might be a resolution . . .

It's not terribly important given that this type of "training" is where people with real skills go to take a nap.


Take a look:

FOX4: Lee’s Summit school board approves equity consultants after months of debate


School Board President Julie Doane later apologized for comments made during the same meeting when she equated "driving while blonde" to "driving while black."

In her apology she vowed the board would meet to find an equity solution for all students and meet with the superintendent.

The Board of Education, superintendent and leadership teams met for a two day institute in the past week where they heard from members of the committee who worked on the equity plan. The school district also brought in the Missouri School Board Association for some help in governance.

At the end, they decided to hold a special board meeting Wednesday to take another vote on spending $97,000 to hire consultants from St. Louis to come in and do equity training.

Without any debate, the measure passed 6 to 1.

Further Reading:

KCUR: Lee's Summit School Board Agrees District Needs Diversity Training After Months Of Racial Tension

KSHB: Lee's Summit schools trumpeted the passage of the LSR7 Equity Plan after a late February board meeting.The plan got put on hold after some parents in the district complained. The plan even was the subject of an emergency board meeting last month.

KCTV5: The need for training became apparent from data showing a vast racial disparity on academic performance and disciplinary action. The May vote was 4-to-3 against the training contract. Wednesday night, only one board member voted no. Judy Hedrick would say only that she thought the recommended training was not inclusive enough.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

They don’t need equity training. They need a new superintendent.

Anonymous said...

^^^ +100

Anonymous said...

Bogus equity training......To let blacks play the race card and whites have to choke it down. To let the Lee's Summit superintendent use inappropriate gestures and you don't dare say a word. To hire a black person on color only even though they have proven to be unqualified for the job, for instance coming from a failed school dist to take over a white school district simply because he is black. Pathetic!!!

Anonymous said...

The school board in LS has always been a joke. This district has made one mistake after another for 6-8 years.

Anonymous said...

All those hicks in Lee's Summit should move to KCMO. The Big City!

Anonymous said...

The black superintendent and all black people living in Lee's Summit are pretty crazy for moving into a racist white suburb thinking that they would be treated fairly. These communities are a dump and black people should not be living there.

chuck said...

Fuck "Equity Training".

What Lee's Summit needs, is protection from the "Protected Class", just like everyone else.

Fuck "Diversity", where and when has it ever brought ANYTHING but misery, dysfunction and economic ruin. The pretense that those folks in Lee's Summit wake up every day hating blacks is EXACTLY the lie, that Progressives use to divide and conquer by way of intimidation and the fear of being called a "racist".

White people make up .08% of the world's population and are under a full on frontal attack all over to cower and bend to the will of those who would seek the benefits of the civilization that - without them, would leave blacks sitting under a tree, picking fleas off of each other, eating bananas and seeking refuge in mud huts. The new America HATES white people and makes no fuckin bones about it. Oprah comes right out and says she can't wait for us to die off. The MSM, Hollywood, the Federal Government and Quisling cowards like Byron support RACIST LEGISLATION THAT SENDS ANYONE WITH ANY COLOR SKIN OTHER THAN WHITE to the front of the line with respect ot jobs, education, housing, government benefits et al.

The sunset on Affirmative Action laws, set asides, REPARATIONS, quotas has come.

It's ok for tribalism from blacks, Latinos, Asians you fuckin name it, but if whites even breathe the wrong way in the face of this all out assault, we are called racist, lose our jobs, our social standing, our future and are ostracized into non existence.

God bless white people.

Fuck the Vichy France Federal Government and it's supporters that works on a daily basis to destroy the very people that made this country great.

Anonymous said...


OF COURSE it won't work! They can't even define "equity"!

Whenever you measure a large group of students you're going to get a Bell Curve result. A small number of students will be excellent over-achievers, most will fall within the "normal" middle range, and the remainders are the laggards (what we use to call the "slow kids").

It's astounding to me that this contrived controversy has gone on as long as it has, but I suppose we can never underestimate the power of denial. If the parents of the underachievers were ACTUALLY interested in boosting their children's academic achievement, they would have been doing all the things that we know are predictors of success in school. But isn't it oh so much easier, and guilt-free, to point the finger and blame someone else?

This ongoing fiasco in the LS school district is a microcosm of society as a whole. The have-nots are bitter that they haven't achieved more, and seek redress in the form of apologies and compensation from the social institutions. It's the rampant phenomenon of "I'M A VICTIM!"

Let's consider 2 people who are star players in this school drama, and consider whether or not they and their children are victims.
Dr. Dennis Carpenter: This "Equity Superintendent" likes to say that he and his wife (also holds a doctorate) are raising 2 "at-risk" brown children. Preposterous! The Carpenter household enjoys a nicer home, neighborhood, and disposable income level than most white children in the district. With both parents holding a doctorate, if the Carpenter kids aren't academic overachievers then there's some serious dysfunction inside the home.

Sheriff Darryl Forte: I include him only because he's inserted himself into this fabricated controversy. Forte lives in the LS district and his children went to LS North. When he left the KCPD, recall that he took about a half-million dollar overtime bonus in addition to a generous retirement package. Not content to go to law school (as he publicly stated), he used his political friendship with Jackson County Executive Frank White (also a LS resident) to become the Jackson County Sheriff and work toward a 2nd retirement package. Does anyone believe that Forte's children were educational laggards in the LS school district?

We're told that LS administrators, teachers, counselors, and staff are unconsciously racially biased, and in desperate need of "equity" instruction. But if that's true, how is it that some Black families are doing perfectly fine in LS schools? The Carpenter and Forte families are only 2 higher profile examples.


Anonymous said...

The race hustle known as equity training has been used in many school districts. Has it improved black students' test scores in any of them? The L.S. school board must have forgotten to ask that question.

Most likely, the only result will be greater reluctance to discipline disruptive black students. That will make it harder for everyone to learn. But learning is not the point - racial demagoguery is the point, and if white and asian students have to suffer along the way, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Old people. You all just love to shit yourselves over the littlest things. Hurry up and die off already.

chuck said...


Brilliant and dead on the money!

Anonymous said...

Jesus fucking christ the LS school district is an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

9:24: Yep.

Anonymous said...

and yet life goes on. Weird.

Byron Funkhouser said...

"...Quisling cowards like Byron..." ?!

Chuck, you can't call me a Quisling & then claim you're not a racist. Also, where do get off calling me a coward. I don't own a gun.

There is no war against white people; it's just that the non-whites are fed up with your delusions of superiority. .08% is probably bullshit. So what? Why should non-whites give a shit about the white race refusing to have children? You think whites brought civilization, but they only brought genocide, slavery, economic exploitation, world warS & disease.

No one chooses their race. You are not cleverer than everyone else for choosing to be born white.

Take your meds & go back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment @9:17!

Thank you for providing some real reporting on this issue. Really great.

Anonymous said...

what a mess. this city is going down the tubes faster than KCMO.

Anonymous said...


The percentage of white people in the world is 16%, not eight-hundreths of one percent.


You're an utter moron.

Byron Funkhouser said...

P.S. If you wanted me to join the white man's club, then maybe my fellow whites shouldn't have called me a fag for over fifty years.

I don't like men; not white men, black men, brown men or yellow men. (Ironically, gay men are somewhat tolerable, because they are capable of discussing things other than 'huntin', fishin' & chasing pussy'.)

Most men are just stupid, drunken whores. said...


Anonymous said...

"The percentage of white people in the world is 16%, not eight-hundreths of one percent."

Duh......, duh.....,

.08% is NOT "eight-hundreths" (sic) of one percent genius.

Jesus... What an idiot.


Burgess Owens, retired safety for the NFL NY Giants, gave a 5 minute talk at a judicial hearing yesterday on the topic of "restorations". He is not for the erasing of black histories in America, which is what Owens says "reparations" represents. Payment of "reparations" IS RACIST per Burgess. He lists what damage the Democrat party has done to him, and to too many blacks with ideologies and actions which continues "enslavement" of blacks with their Marxist directives and socialist institutions.

Citing many successes by blacks during the years of U.S. slavery and after it was abolished, Burgess Owens cautions that the young generations of blacks are told by the Democrats that they're victims, and that they cannot attain success of their own doing. He says THAT IS RACIST! Owens is an author, and much more is expounded in his writing: Liberalism, Or How To Turn Men Into Whiners, Wheenies, and Wimps
---and, more!

Anonymous said...

10:29 graduated Summa Cumm Dumbass from the KCSD and got an Affirmative Action Job distributing funds from the Government to lazy asses like Byron.

Anonymous said...

^oops .....topic of "reparations" in the first sentence.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm glad they approved the plan. I don't expect it to change anything at all, but it should quiet some of the complaining.

Anonymous said...

Oh Snap! Byron knocked chuck the fuck out!!!! Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

".08% is NOT "eight-hundreths" (sic) of one percent genius."

Oh I'm afraid it is, Descartes.

This is one percent: 1%

This is one-tenth of one percent: 0.1%

This is one-hundredth of one percent: 0.01%

Get it?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^I don't know..why do you post in all CAPS????????? Dummy.

Anonymous said...

No, you didn't, so STFU bLIEron!

Anonymous said...

$87k is a lotta money in my world and to most of the taxpayers and parents in the district. Could buy wrestling mats, hire a teacher, support student clubs etc etc. And what makes you think it will be over after they fly in this diversity consultant to give a power point and cash a check??? This will continue. Why did they hire this superintendent in the first place. He's a racial grievance guy big time even though he's doing just fine.


Springheel said...

I hate to post, but 80% of the people have spoken the truth, and they don't need my echo. I feel your frustration, brethren. All of our screaming isn't going to work, as the corrupt homosexuals and thugs will be deemed the "true" voice of "justice". We are doomed. When we retreat to a barren wasteland and try to re-build the American dream, we will find that this time evil will destroy it before we even come close to creating a new paradise. I believe that most of the moronic posts representing the progressive views that we despise are made by a foreign troll or 1 or 2 "revolutionaries". There oughta a be a law against posting your opinion if you are: 1) under the age of 30. 2) Have never held a job for at least 7 years. 3) Do not have a net worth of at least 65,000 dollars. 4) Are currently receiving govt assistance. 5) Have any children that are receiving govt assistance. 5) Have ever been convicted of a felony.
Start homeschooling, and look to move out. That's the logical thing, but don't expect your money to talk like it used to. Its all set up so that boycotts and silent protest no longer work. The economics are now just fugazi numbers in the cloud, and the real money that runs things does not give 2 turds if another school district, subdivision, shopping mall, etc., Fails.