First and foremost, the soldier's message needs to be heard . . .

“My mission here is for people to see that post-traumatic stress is a real thing -- that it’s worth it to get treatment,” the Afghanistan war veteran and former Missouri Sec. of State tells Lester Holt in an exclusive interview.

Take a look:

Now the salt . . .

Critics have questioned the timing of the dude who still has political aspirations and has offered a brief yet important distraction for the greater good but still putting the EMPHASIS ON HIMSELF over about 200K registered voters in Kansas City proper.

Personal bias: TKC thinks the public awareness is probably more important than the next grocery store clerk delivering to The Chamber not only because it explains, in part, why this town is littered with so many former military hobos but also the words are more relevant than the election because only about 14% of all registered voters will bother to show up anyhoo . . .

You decide . . .


  1. If someone wants to make a few easy extra bucks they should offer to sell Lester Holt a certain bridge in Brooklyn.
    Jason Pander ran for the US Senate. And lost.
    Then he declared himself a candidate for president and the newsies just gushed and drooled over him.
    Then he quit and announced for mayor of KCMO, causing Justus to drop out.
    Then he dropped out with the excuse of PTSD. And, of course, wrote a book about his brief staff time in the Army in Afghanistan.
    Now he's back on national television.
    There are dozens of well-established organizations helping veterans and specifically those who suffer from PTSD.
    Pander isn't a spokesman for any of them.
    His latest ploy isn't about veterans.

  2. Jason is a pussy.

  3. ^^^^And where did you serve? McDonalds?

  4. ^^^7:15 is only saying that because Kander is a Democrat, his feelings would be different if Kander were a Republican.

    Who is anyone here to judge how his service impacted him. Everybody is wired differently and I hope Kander gets back to neutral ground mentally.

  5. The Panders have always manipulated the liberal media quite well.

    Did everyone catch Lester Dolt perpetuating some of the fallacies in Pander's biography?
    E.g., "Pander volunteered for military service following 9/11" which is always delivered to give the false impression that young Pander was so patriotic that he ran down to the recruiter's office on September 12, 2001....right?

    What really happened? Pander was so eager to defend his country that he went to law school for 3 years first, because he was already planning to become a Washington D.C. politician, and knew that some military service would be a great resume builder for a Liberal Democrat.

    Pander was in the same political development program that's given us Pete Buttigieg.

  6. ^^No we didn't catch that loser. We have better things to do than watch network news. You don't.

  7. @9:00 and that's the problem. You bleat the hive-mind prog-think talking points without any critical thought. Your constant presence on TKC is good to have; so we can always know just how little free-thought there is on the other side of the aisle. I actually wish you were an outlier, unfortunately you represent the 99% of the unified prog party. Zell, where are you when you're needed the most (yes, I know he's passed, but maybe his spirit will be rekindled in some young Democrat's mind if the prog-masters haven't blanked it out yet).

  8. ^^^WTF is this mess of geezer dribble?? Blah blah blah. Do you ever shut up? Do you ever notice that when you open your mouth, people walk away????

  9. Kander has been very politically motivated since he was in high school. I've heard classmates say that he was very direct about his ambitions to become President. Each step seems to be very calculated - DC for college/law school, Heartland Democrats, army reserves and deployment, state Rep, Sec. of State, run for US Senate, quasi-legitimate political advocacy in early primary states after loss, run for KCMO mayor when grassroots Democrats don't want DC experience, etc. It's hard not to second guess his authenticity around decisions he's made. Aside from politics, he hasn't made a career out of anything. Biden 2.0.

  10. Don’t forget the Purple Heart he got for all those nasty paper cuts! Hahahahaha!

  11. ^^ Is your Wife still dead??? Hahahahahaha!

  12. Not Alfred Blumrosen6/14/19, 2:58 PM

    No one "victims" like a Jew. NAACP, ADL, SPLC, ACLU, Affirmative Action, PC Culture --all are Jewish constructs.

  13. ^^and no one cries about it as much as poor, in-bred, white-trash like you. Always placing the blame for your pathetic life on the "Jew". Totally predictable. Thanks Cletus.

  14. Who is Alfred Blumrosen ?

  15. DelusionalProgressive6/14/19, 3:49 PM

    Kander is riding the gravy train as far and as long as he can.



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