Sunday, June 09, 2019


This town's most prolific transit activist shares his perspective on the Mayor's race and offers UNDECIDED voters something to consider. Checkit:

Write-in Mayoral candidate Clay Chastain's last call to voters

As the KC Mayoral race winds down I (Mayoral Write-in Candidate Clay Chastain) call upon the voters to recall the stirring words of former President John F. Kennedy, " Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." And what we can all do, foremost, is vote and show we care about our country and the community we live in. Only 16% of registered voters exercised that sacred privilege in the Mayoral primary. And because of my carelessness in sending in my ballot on time, I am ashamed to say, I was not one of them.

Dislike for Jolie, Quinton or myself is no excuse for not voting. At the least, citizens who vote in elections oil the mechanism of democracy we must maintain to maintain our right to determine our own fortunes.

As to the matter at hand, KC voters have two distinct choices:

#1. Jolie and Quinton are two very liberal candidates that represent the same progressive ideology and have both voted in lock step on the council. They flow into the same type leaders (far left-leaning) who have (for decades) kept Kansas City behind the eight ball with tax and spend investments (primarily for glitzy, entertainment-oriented projects-not infrastructure) that have not directly benefited the people. The result...stagnant population and economic growth, gross economic disparity, neglected infrastructure, soaring taxes and City debt and our City becoming the 5th most dangerous City in America. And, the "momentum" of a 2-mile downtown streetcar, a tax-abated shiny convention hotel and glittering luxury condos is not the kind of "momentum" that really matters. This kind of failed leadership, that has been at the helm of Kansas City's ship for 7-decades, has not and will not make Kansas City great again.

However, Jolie and Quinton are to be lauded for trying while others merely whine and sit on the sidelines failing to even vote. Unfortunately, neither has demonstrated any real vision (while on the city council) to say no to developers, fix our city's endemic and systemic problems or forge a specific vision to move Kansas City forward.

#2. I am a conservative, independent and introspective-thinking family man who would also bring a wealth of broad knowledge to the Mayor's office (engineer, designer of transit system, parks and a Union Station multi-modal regional transportation hub, owner of a landscape and design business, renovated 27 historic homes ((20 in KC)) and a builder of one new home ((my own))), etc. Being a renaissance man inherently provides one more broad experiences in life which in turn are enabling when faced with having to solve different and difficult problems and forge new ideas to make a City more successful.

My forte is that I also have strength of character to say NO to the powerful when it is in the public's interest to say NO to the powerful.

My aim will be to focus on developing solutions to the issues the people care about...reducing crime, repairing and maintaining infrastructure, lowering taxes and water bills, repaving streets, modernizing public transportation and growing the City in population, economic prosperity and revenues. Kansas City needs a new dynamic and bold thinking leader who can produce these far reaching improvements which translate into an overall better quality of life for the people living out their lives in Kansas City.

I want to win this election because I am super confident (and with God's assistance) I can turn our City around and make people proud and happy to live in Kansas City again.

And despite the highly unfavorable odds, there is a clear and plausible lane to victory....voters show up, tell their eligible voting friends to show up and they tell their friends (and so on) to write in my name for Mayor on the June 18th ballot. I promise you I will take care of the rest!


Clay Chastain

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Clay is the protest vote in this election.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of him.
Wonder what the Wizard of Oz...I mean- the KC Star editorial board thinks so we know to take the opposite direction?

Hyperblogal said...

Don Quixote just slowly shakes his head.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Media, KC Star, is at the Intersection of Bullshit Way and Rape Me Blvd.

Byron Funkhouser said...

" Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

Kennedy was wrong! We do not exist to serve the state, but rather the state exists to serve us.

Anonymous said...

And the welfare poster child speaks.

Anonymous said...

STFU and a hearty FUCK YOU Funkhouser

GD was nice not seeing your ass on here.

Anonymous said...

Byron, the United States is a "Capitalist" Country!
The State exists to serve MONEY!

Anonymous said...

Will vote for Clay. He will not win. But cannot bring myself to vote for the Tweedles, dee and dum, who are dooming this already broken shitty for another four years.

NicK said...

would yalls quit with this bullshit already?

Anonymous said...

Liberals Bowtie Jr or the Rug Eater?

Clearly, my vote will be for the non-clown, Clay.

Anonymous said...

But the liberals are screaming about their tax hike this year and yet they will still make the same mistake and vote democrat when they can clearly see the bogus crap James, Lucas and Justus has put out. They are going to break Kansas City residents with money thrown on developers and failing 18th and vine projects, not to mention the extremely dangerous bike lanes and paying the King family every year for a street name change nobody voted for.
Do something right for once liberals don't vote for Lucas or Justus.

Anonymous said...

They hated him in Fayetteville. They hated him in Kansas wait, we still hate him in KC. I thought he left?

Anonymous said...

sounds good to us