Right now we want to share this captivating TKC reader suggested link as we scissor past the partisan politics and take a deep dive into lady leaders tweaking policy as their supporters witness the legislative grind . . .

Breitbart: AOC’s Chief of Staff: LGBTQ Native American Rep Enabling Racism with Immigration Vote

Alt-Right Summary:

"The chief of staff for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) Saikat Chakrabarti claimed the first openly LGBT Native American woman elected to Congress is enabling a “racist system” by not supporting a radical immigration bill."

Of course we are sympathetic to the views of our local lady in Congress who is having just a bit of trouble taking in beltway progressive shaking their fist at her whist attempting to ram through legislation.

Developing . . .


  1. better title: Dot vs. feather dust up.

    You racist pricks!

  2. Sanctimonious ideologues always end up cannabilizing the less pure among themselves.
    What Obama referred to as the Democratic circular firing squad.
    And the same attitude can already be seen from the first two debates.
    The old saying, "I'd rather be right than be president".
    They're well on their way.
    The Dems never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

  3. If Ocasio-Kotex doesn’t shut her mouth, Sharice will give her a good licking.

  4. Not A Leftist Cunt6/29/19, 6:45 PM

    AOC was caught doing some blatant fakery. Her Jewish handlers photographed her crying in outrage in front of a "detention center". It was an empty parking lot.

  5. ^^^^ I heard that one, not sure if I believe it.

    JUst checked, it's face news pushed by the Russians.

    You fucking traitor to your country.

  6. A.O.C doesn't represent me Davids does. So far as a registered Independent I'm not displeased A.I.C should stay out of Kansas 3rds. business and worry about her own district.

  7. Not A Leftist Cunt6/29/19, 7:28 PM

    @ 7:00pm You're a child with a child's capacity for independent thought.

  8. Byron Funkhouser6/29/19, 7:38 PM

    How should a Native American feel about indigenous refugees? Are they her people, or are we? Perhaps more importantly, how should a Native American feel about the United States of America? We granted them American Citizenship, but should they want it? Should they run for Congress, or join AIM, & continue to fight their oppressors? Is she fighting for "her people", or did she sell her "soul" for the opportunity to "be someone" among the "whites"? Has she told anyone how she feels? Apparently, her feelings are a secret she keeps to herself.

    I agree with AOC. She sold out her people. AOC is proof that you can fight for justice for the indigenous from within Congress. I know what AOC thinks because it's not a secret. From Davids, all we hear is deafening silence.

    Who are you, lady?

  9. Remember with Davids ALL MY HEROES KILLED COLONIZERS. Wonder how much trouble I'd get into if I wore a shirt that said white men enjoyed killing the red man.

    Both of these cunts should have never been voted into office.

  10. Fuck You Byron what have you done other than run your mouth about these so called illegal invaders. They are not refugees and if you care so much about them get a job asshole and support some of them.

  11. Byron, you’re such a dingleberry. All you do is find the most leftist opinion and support it. If Lexy Kotexy wasn’t mentioned in this article you’d be licking Sharice up one side and down the other as you have done plenty of times on here. Your opinions are about as legitimate as your disability. You make Mark and Gloria look like members of Mensa.

  12. Not Byron Funkhouser6/29/19, 8:12 PM

    The White Man has nothing to apologize for.

  13. ^^^ white guilt is long gone


  14. The Indians did NOT own all of the US they only claimed about 1/3. They were fighting each other when the white man came here and the Indians aren't from here either. The white man is the best thing that happened to them. They were and still are so backwards.
    Sharice Davids needs to apologize to everyone for saying All of her heroes killed colonizers. I take that as a threat.

    Bryon is a victim of poverty and ignorance his parents didn't know any better and he doesn't either.

  15. 7:38, Honduran gangsters are not indigenous to the United States. They created their own poverty, breed like rabbits, live like pigs, and have some of the nastiest gangs in the hemisphere. Highest murder rate on the planet per Wikipedia. Also the highest rape rate. BUILD THE WALL!

  16. "Indigenous" my fuckin ass.

    The Clovis were here first some many thousands of years ago, then you "Native Americans all tossed each other off of myriad tracts of land for 15,000 years.

    In 1821, the Mexican colonists stole New Spain from the Spanish, who had claimed title to it for nearly three centuries. So maybe it should revert to Spain? But wait: The Spanish took it from the Indians, or Native Americans, or indigenous peoples, or aboriginal inhabitants of North America.

    The Indian tribes were not static, moving across great stretches of the continent over the millennia. To take just one example, today, people are most likely to associate the Cheyenne with Wyoming, but the tribe first appears in the historical record in the mid-seventeenth century at the French Fort Crevecoeur, near present-day Chicago. They were a sedentary and agricultural people, growing corn and beans, when pressure from the Assiniboine pushed them into what is today Minnesota and North Dakota. There they began hunting buffalo, but pressure from the Lakota and Ojibwa pushed them farther into the Dakotas, Wyoming, and Colorado.

    It's bullshit when historians speak of a tribe moving due to "pressure" from another tribe. "Pressure" is simply a euphemism for "conflict," "warfare," "conquest," or the threat thereof. We may say that much of the movement of Native Americans was ultimately caused by pressure from Europeans. In fact, revisionists are busy painting the Americas before the advent of the white man as an earthly paradise. More bullshit, they were killing the shit out of each other.

    And Tony needs to haul his ass back to Spain. Take, for another example, the conquest of Mexico. How did Hernán Cortés manage to vanquish Tenochtitlán, a city of 200,000 and an empire of several millions, with just a few hundred men? There are many reasons, but an important one is that several of the tribes subjugated by the Aztec allied with Cortés. Why would they do that? The Aztec yoke was not light, and their way of war was not to kill in battle, but to capture their enemies alive and haul them back to the pyramids, where priests dressed in capes of human leather cut open their victims' breasts and tore out their still-beating hearts -- sacrifices carried out by the tens of thousands. By the way, the Aztecs did not learn that practice from Europeans, either. Such was the idyllic paradise of the New World before the advent of the white man (see Victor Davis Hanson, Carnage and Culture [2001]).

    I guess we should be grateful Byron moved back to West Virginia. In my opinion, based on his comments, he would be far happier not just talking the talk, but waling the walk, he should move to South Africa and apply to the police department, where it is legal to kill white people.

    You know..., slavery.

  17. Nice scissors reference Tony. Lickahoe should be so lucky.

  18. AOC is the Democrat class clown.
    She is quick to criticize with no viable solutions.
    Folks will remember her as a do nothing loud mouth that gets many things wrong.
    Her biggest accomplishment to recent date is making mixed drinks in a bar.
    That’s great, but not usable as a stepping stone to Congress.
    Most anyone can and will defeat her next election and she will be an answer to some future game show answer.

  19. No one who is in the Western Hemisphere has indigenous ancestors. They all came here from somewhere else, whether Europe or Northeast Asia.

  20. More than a half of a Billion people would like to come to the U.S. AND STAY. THERE WILL BE FEW,job's for them And most will be on the Government Dole.They won't need migrants, the robots will be doing the work

  21. But the Grocery stores will make out like a bandits. And toilet paper manufacturer. T

  22. If not for the Europeans both these pinko chicks would be using oak leaves for feminine napkins and shitting in holes dug with a stick.

    1. Caution: Stop! Don't read if you gross out easily.7/1/19, 6:20 PM

      Oak leaves? Digging holes? Most weren't THAT civilized. Body paint and wild dog food---either or, or, even both. Realz! Yuk!


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