Kansas City's favorite son might soon have greatness thrust upon him after an untimely exit from the mayoral contest that disappointed his many fans locally and across the nation.

To wit and according to AWESOME TKC READER INSIDERS operating at the national level . . .


How quickly locals forget that that the Democratic Party Lady front runner has already campaigned with and for Jason Kander.

Here are a few more reasons why this move makes sense . . .

- Jason Kander brings Liz Warren credibility from a veteran's perspective. The Democratic Party and most of the candidates for Prez are light on military experience and Kander in Sen. Warren's corner gives her a direct connection with somebody who has been deployed in the longest running conflict in this nation's history.

- The potential opportunity of voting for the nation's 1st Lady Prez & the first Jewish-American VP could provide the most groundbreaking ticket the Democratic Party has ever witnessed.

- Team Kander ambition was always too big for Kansas City - His eyes were clearly focused on the national scene and this move would put a ferocious campaigner back in the national spotlight and on NBC -- Where his career has been lovingly documented and promoted.

And so . . .


Kander has more mainstream appeal than Sen. Bernie Sanders or any of the other current contender and if he is asked and decides to strap up for the 2020 contest; the effort would serve as one of the most transformative in Democratic Party history and Kansas City's ultimate political comeback story.

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Developing . . .


  1. Kander should make a comeback, this would be a really interesting way for him to do it. I think that he is taking care of himself right now but when he sees that he is needed, he would be smart to answer the call. The white House needs somebody with military experience overseas because it seems like we're moving closer to war every day.

    1. I have always wondered why he was getting so much national attention but if Buttigieg is getting national attention for being a mayor in such a small town. Kander's Missouri experience is far more important than that and his story is now much better.

    2. Look at the polling, President Trump beats any and all challengers. Biden comes close but no dice. Why would people want to tank the economy and get in another war? Voting for the Democrats would be a disaster for the county. Most people think so because even his worst polling numbers from CNN show him moving ahead.

  2. the insults from Trump don't work against people like Warren & Kander. They would out work him and out debate him. He would be back on the golf course in no time.

    - Garnish

  3. Run, Jason, Run!

  4. Byron Funkhouser6/22/19, 4:28 PM

    4:15, that isn't true. His own pollsters show him losing to every possible challenger. He got mad & fired them after they leaked their findings to the press. The economy is strong in spite of him, not because of him. His tariffs have cost us $20 billion dollars as of May.

    I was prepared to dismiss her as too old, & damaged, but now I will reconsider. The election is a long way off, & a lot will happen between now & then. But, for now, this a strong, exciting move for both of them.

  5. Pander is as much a combat veteran as Fauxcohontas is a Native American. the Phony Ticket.

  6. Chief Sitting Sharice6/22/19, 4:53 PM

    Sister Warren make um good choice

  7. The way that Kander appeared in the recent interview about his PTSD, he needs to lay WAY low and out of the limelight for quite a while.
    He is not well.
    But he is young and there is time for him to jump back in when he feels better.


  8. beat me to it, @4:38 --great post!

    and..yes..I am an actual combat vet (not my drafted..)..and "look" way more like a Native American than blue-eyed blonde WASP Warren

  9. I suppose the ravages of PTSD brought on by a small-city mayoral run is far less than that incurred during a presidential campaign.

  10. Army Vet '69-'716/22/19, 6:04 PM

    What is Buttgigs' military experience?

  11. If his PTSD was so bad he couldn’t run for mayor now all of a sudden the VP prospect is in play.

    As a former infantryman of multiple tours I wonder how bad he really had it being an intelligence officer. Was he out doing 48-72 hour straight missions outside the wire? Was he at combat outposts and doing night patrols in enemy territory? Setting up ambushes?

    Not denying what he is saying just curious what he was into.

  12. Not Byron Funkhouser6/22/19, 6:35 PM

    From the Jewish Talmud: Baba Kamma 113a: A Jew may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a gentile.

  13. Phoniness on steroids.
    Just when you might think Pander's combination of mindless ambition and fake victimization has reached its peak, he surprises all with the latest story reversal.
    Warren is unlikely to get the nomination unless the rest of the Lilliputian field all have their campaign buses run over by freight trains, and in that event, she'll lose badly to Trump.
    Pander obviously will sign on to pretty much anything that comes along and after this latest media love affair with Warren fades, maybe he'll run for a city council seat in Prairie Village.
    The Dems are busily grasping defeat from the jaws of victory, which is what they're really good at.
    And what ever PTSD treatment the doc at the VA is administering that can bring such miraculous cures to Pander should really write an article for the AMA Journal.
    A classless joke.

  14. It won't be Lizzy, it will be Mayor Pete.

    The coming Democrat debates will determine the nominee. Pelosi, AOC and the internal movers and shakers for the now Marxist/Democrat/Anti-Fa/Socialist/Fascist party know that the press pack dogs in the MSM will decide who performs the best and all agree in unison (Wow! How about that!!) who should run.

    That “Pocahontas” moniker is a lodestone. She is not only guilty of faking her ancestry, the grievance strikes against the very heart of what phony, sanctimonious Democrats constantly howl away at the moon over.

    It’s tough to pick any of the Pinkos off of the Progressive Plantation at this point, but my “Dark Horse” is Mayor “Spank Me” Buttigieg.

    His policies are the expected Socialist New Green Deal insanity that smells like sulfur smoke from an extinct, Cloward-Piven volcano – but the guy is extemporaneously brilliant in that superficial, “shiny new Michael Avenati” way.

    The whackos in on the left won’t be able to resist a 37 year old Gay that the camera loves and the media breathlessly anoints after a quick repartee directed at one of the “Old White Guys” on stage. Thinking how wonderful in would be, to stick their collective thumbs in the eyes of “Deplorables” and imagining heretofore unimaginable carnal knowledge in the Lincoln Bedroom, the bobble heads on cable and the collective MSM will begin to nod in unison and smile like that creepy clown in “IT” at the prospect of a Gay President. If you thought you were sick of shows like “Madam Secretary”, “Homeland” (A once great show…) and the Agitprop that passes for entertainment now, just wait until Mayor ButtPlug is on the ticket.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Lindsay Graham and he is Gay as Rue Paul, but on the left, appearance is far more important than policy. Warren does actually have some ideas that are NOT crazy, some…

    But this coming debate will be a Beauty Pageant – NOT a political decision made by the people. The MSM will manipulate the left into whatever, in their collective consciousness “feels” right. Appearance will be the fulfillment of aspiration and if you can get 8 to 1 in Vegas on a mayor from a small, failed city, than I would put money on him.

  15. Will pander bring his paper cut Purple Heart with him?

    Will Pocahontas start telling everybody she’s black now?

    These two together couldn’t shine my shoes, too stupid.

  16. Not sure if kander is finished with his recovery yet but I think that this would be a great way to come back to politics. He obviously has a very great following in KC and nationally. My only concern is that running for the presidency is very stressful for everyone and I I think you should put himself first for a change. But if he decides this is the right path I think he would be surprised how many people really support him.

  17. Warren 1/2020 Indian

  18. Once again the Jews work to promote the negroes. It never ends.

    Rue Paul? Is he related to Rand Paul, chuck, you blithering idiot?

  19. 6:04: There's thing thing called the internet, and on the internet is this thing called Google. With a few keystrokes you can find such things as "From 2009 to 2017 Buttigieg served as an intelligence officer in the United States Navy Reserve, attaining the rank of lieutenant and deploying to Afghanistan in 2014."

    You might want to give it a try some time.

  20. I don’t think this country is ready to elect a flaming faggot for president like Buttgigged.

  21. Kander = Eagleton of the past


  22. there's this thing called which Buttigagged told of his six months behind a desk in Afghanistan.

    on one horrific day --the AC went out in his office!!! the horror!!

  23. 8:30 Did you hit your head getting off of the short bus?

    Just a little slow tonight, right?

  24. Wow, Jason's Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder goes well with Liz's Pocahontas Total Sham Derangement!

  25. 8:30 lighten up Francis, rupaul is what he meant and you know it, don’t be such a bitch and for gods sake, don’t be such a blithering dick sucking idiot

  26. Coming home from Afghanistan was difficult. Kander saw no combat in his four-month deployment as an Army intelligence officer in 2006, but returned to Kansas City with anger issues, nightmares and guilt about those he’d left behind in the war zone (“Outside the wire” is military lingo for the area beyond the safety of a base camp or other secure installation).

    In Afghanistan his biggest fear was kidnapping. “Now that I was back in my own bed, it seemed that the Taliban captured me every night,” he said.

    Kander said he got professional help and concluded that he was likely not suffering from post-traumatic stress. But he learned about the emotional toll of what mental health experts call “battlemind,” the process of constantly preparing for the possibility of death.

    Pander has Battlemind, battling all those paper cuts is a real bitch! now that’s funny right there!


  27. Demos do support the idea of a gay Prez --

    they nominated Barry --twice!

    1. Barry publicly said Michael several times, instead of Michelle....Hmmmmmm6/23/19, 12:09 AM

      Yep, although BathHouse Barry was intending to stay down-low with his homo style throughout his public service life, and while POTUS, especially. That bigly focus brought on Obama's church membership by his Ranty Revvy Wright bud, let hints fly far and wide about the orientation of the Obama marriage relationship. Amidst all the threats of roosting chickens, going around damning America, and spewing of hate of whiteys, Jeremiah the croaking bullfrog laid bare the murky black swamp of his secret (heh, hardly) gay dating sideline in his Baptist congregation. The names Larry Sinclair, Frank Marshall, and others, sparked some notice even by the MSM, who mostly heaped praise and drooled over the magic negro running on a hope and change themed campaign for Prez.


    Remember the Panders are MARKETING HUCKSTERS. Apparently, they've been busy dropping notes to their Liberal stooges in the media.

    The interview with Lester Dolt should have warned us that they were prepping some shit-pies for delivery.

    NEWSFLASH: Jason Pander is joining NO ticket.

    Jason Pander told the world that he contemplated SUICIDE on multiple occasions. Whether or not that was true doesn't matter. No sane Presidential contender is going to name a suicidal VP candidate to their ticket.

    Are you totally sick of the Panders yet? They are both SO DESPERATE to fulfill their narcissistic fantasies that they crawled out of the Senate wreckage, climbed into a new vehicle (KC Mayor's race) and drove it into the ditch where it caught fire and burned, and now they're asking to borrow your car for a joyride to D.C. JUST SAY NO!

  29. ^^^ Funny, the only president I remember communicating homosexual tendencies was the current occupant that bragged about his relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

    "I was really being tough and so was he," Trump said. "And we would go back and forth. And then we fell in love. No really. He wrote me beautiful letters."

    "They were great letters. And then we fell in love," Trump continued.

    What a homo. He really is "Cocked and Loaded". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    But keep on living in your bathhouse Barry delusion. It sounds like you really need to hold onto that fantasy to fulfill your desire for some bbc.

  30. ^^^ you’re an idiot

  31. If you owned a large factory who would you hire to run it ? Warren, Barry or Trump ?

  32. this confirms kander why lying about ptsd in the mayoral election because he was offered something like this about a year ago

  33. that'd be a quick way to lose support

  34. Kander saw no combat yet got PTSD, I did see combat but never got PTSD. Life is funny like that.


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