Frank White was one of the most exceptional baseball players Kansas City has ever witnessed. His career spanned 18 years and his honors include 8 Golden Glove awards, a critical role in a World Series Championship team along with a legacy of consistently outstanding play. Sadly, his record as a Jackson County Executive has been disparately abysmal.

He was stripped of control of the COMBAT anti-drug tax administration.

He's now involved in a legal complaint against the County that makes serious accusations about his conduct as an elected official.

And the enduring human rights safety crisis at the jail hasn't garnered a satisfactory fix.


Critics consider that all of these problems are a symptom of Frank White's troubled administration.

Whilst TKC believes Sheriff Darryl Forté is doing his best in confronting the longstanding jail crisis and handled the "great bra debate" admirably. There's no denying that his tenure is a reflection on "Team Frank" and the Sheriff has recently fallen out of favor with local progressives and women over the metal detector controversy.

Meanwhile, Gail McCann Beatty was well-liked by most locals until now. Her debut as the new director of the Jackson County Assessment Department has been the most arduous in KCMO history and, behind the scenes, she is taking most of the blame for this colossal public relations disaster.

Accordingly, we share this big picture perspective on the hot mess still in progress.

"Shame on people who voted for Frank White just because he was a good ball player. What we're witnessing is that experience counts. People who were impressed by his 'star power' don't care so much about baseball history now that they're getting hit with 200% increases in their property tax bill. Someone with governmental experience and knowledge of how the County really works would've never let this nightmare occur. But the people advising Frank White don't care about the consequences and he's too clueless to understand the serious hardship his tenure has created for local homeowners. So this situation should, at least, offer a lesson for KC voters: Don't elect a celebrity because the odds are that they won't know what they're doing."

The big gamble here is that voters will forget their frustration. And it's worth reminding readers that the Exec also confronts future questions about his finances and a more more pending complaints which also threaten to chip away at his local legacy.

UPDATE: Once again local MSM weighs in on the drama tonight . . .

Discounting Complaints

Here's What's New With The Jackson County Property Reassessment Mess

There are now 22,000 informal appeals related to the growing reassessment mess in Jackson County. The Jackson County Board of Equalization (BOE), which decides formal appeals of property valuations, is now bracing to hear the cases from people who believe their property was overvalued in the recent reassessment.

Sticker Shock

Some properties in urban core saw more that 250 percent increase in property assessments

According to one survey, there are at least 38 properties in the urban core with property assessment increases of more than 250 percent.

Frank Doubles Down

Part 9: Tackling a tax assessment mess

JACKSON COUNTY, MO (KCTV) -- How did Jackson County determine your property values? The woman at the top said she'd like another week to work on her presentation, but school representatives are pushing back saying that's a question she should be able to answer right now.

Developing . . .


  1. His mess gets worse if you consider how much taxpayers have had to shell out for all of his fighting with the legislature.

    Think about it.

  2. Frank White, the ultimate entitled, clueless, incompetent diversity hire.

  3. Another Midtown Mom6/27/19, 3:26 PM

    ^^^^^ i would agree but he got so much of the damn vote and no other candidate emerged. Tarwater should have run against him. He might have done better than he thought. This is just too much, I wish we did have someone with experience.

  4. But if you eliminate the little band of D-list celebrity wannabees that make up the local KCMO/JaCo political class, there'll be no one left to run for anything.
    Just keep electing the same incompetent self-absorbed clowns like are in office over and over again.
    And then be surprised and even shocked, AGAIN, at the mess that's made and how much of your money is wasted on fluff and insider deals.
    It never changes.

  5. Agreed, that most celebrities could not locate their posteriors with both metacarpi, but nevertheless the media keep quoting them. The blind leading the blind I guess.

  6. Keep voting Dem KC

  7. 3:18 nails it.

  8. The so called trying to crash the system Beatty talked about today was only an attempt to crash the fraudulent tax structure created by KCMO.

  9. Calebs Fancy Truck6/27/19, 4:55 PM

    I wonder where the money for up to date property data services went?

  10. Mayor Elect Lucas is in the forefront fighting for Jackson County residents!

    Oh wait he's not. Not one peep.

  11. What an absolute mess. It's hard to believe that Frank White could be so incompetent when it comes to managing the county. People he had advised him him have totally led him astray and don't seem to have the best interest of residents in mind. This property tax crisis has far-reaching impact Beyond just the typical Jackson County politics. I think in the long run people are going to look harder at who they elect into County government, maybe that's a good thing in the future but for now that leaves us with a lot of officials just sitting on their hands and not willing to take any risk to stop supporting this kind of dereliction of Duty. I wish I could say that I can't imagine the county will get any worse but the corruption and incompetence we've seen here might only be the beginning if voters now don't take charge and start replacing some of these people. No more celebrity politicians is a start but it must go beyond that people have to really start thinking about who has the skill to lead our local governments and not just who has the best sales pitch or the slickest mailer or the best commercial time to get serious for a change.

  12. Trump offers a better example of a celebrity failing at politics.

    Reality TV people are the worst.

  13. Beezeball been very good to Frank White.


  14. The problem is dummies electing dummies.

    Hard to fix stupid.

    Good luck Kansas City. You're going to need it.

  15. ^^^^^ Absolutely right.

    Educate voters. I thought that's what the newspaper was supposed to be doing. Instead, they want to play puppet master.

    Think about it.

  16. I miss Cookie Rojas.

  17. If you do your homework you would know that John Modest Miles who happens to be on the Sports Authority is a big buddy to Bill and Hillary Clinton, who also has the Morningstar Church and a real estate company is also the same buddy that Frank White and his family as well as Caleb Clifford's wife and possibly Darryl Forte are members. This SMACKS of cronyism and political gang ups.

  18. Let's name names. Who are these unelected eff-ups Frank White has let run Jackson County off a cliff? And what do we have to do to recall this idiot?

  19. Should reject celebrity politicos and anybody who begins their name with Rev or Pastor. Its always regrettable and it never lives up to the hype.

  20. John Miles is a cancer in the community.

  21. Dang I know frank needed a job but he surely could have found something lower key without all this stress and attention.
    Line up that jazz museum sinecure for Frank. I like frank. Throw him a bone and let someone else be hated by Jackson county property tax payers.


  22. It’s time to buy stock in companies that make underwire bras. Who knew that they were so popular?


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