Saturday, June 01, 2019

The Kansas City Saturday News Stand

They say that hottie Lindsey is all-natural but this online culture tidbit is worth a peek:

Allure: A Woman Sold Her Used Breast Implants on Facebook Marketplace, and I’m So Confused

Close to home, these are the local news links we're watching right now . . .

KCMO Po-Po Block Party Report
KCPD officers foster relationships at Ivanhoe Block Party
Old School War Machine In Flight

Experience the B-17 bomber this weekend in KC

The B-17 bomber is at the New Century Air Center, which is off Interstate 35 in the Gardner area.

Golden Ghetto 1st Responder Decline

Fewer applicants signing up to be firefighters

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The number of people applying to become a firefighter is going down in Overland Park, Kansas. To generate interest, the city's department is working with high schools to launch a vocational type of program for students to learn about the job and earn college credit toward a certification to become a firefighter.

KC Artsy Vet Celebration

Part 1 of 4: "Place of Peace" exhibit showcases more than just Veteran art

The "Place of Peace" exhibit at the Joco Arts and Heritage Center tells stories of hope through art

Kansas City Tech 2nd Chance

Rise Up, Get Started offers second chances with grants to formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs

Kansas City should be home to second chances, hope, and opportunities, said Johnny Waller Jr. " Kansas City has a rich history of uniting behind its citizens for the common good of its people and that's what this event is," said Waller, co-founder of Determination, Incorporated, addressing a wide-ranging audience Thursday at the inaugural Rise Up, Get Started celebration and grants competition for formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs.

Playoff Hope Persists

Five players who could take the next step for the Chiefs in 2019

There is an advantage to how Brett Veach is building this team. By focusing on youth, the Chiefs have given themselves a shot to improve each season even if there are no other significant additions. By investing in coaching, Andy Reid and company should be able to get more out of many of the young players in 2019 than they did in 2018.

Storm Saturday Forcast

Storms possible Saturday afternoon

An approaching front could trigger storms Saturday afternoon. Better chances for rain will be to the east and southeast of Kansas City.

Cardi B - Press is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Sly's Killer Shitty

Anonymous said...

I’m surprised and shocked at the lack of coverage of the 12 people murdered by a black gunman, no pictures of him either. local internet news has small articles pushed down the page, channel 41 has nothing, why? If this was a white man that did this the outrage would be tremendous and ongoing, his picture would be every where and his background would be published for the next month. Just pointing out the facts people.

Anonymous said...

I got to ride in that b-17 several years ago and I was shocked at how small the inside was and that it’s basically like flying in a tin can, those boys that flew in those planes during the war had no protection whatsoever. They let us walk anywhere in the plane we wanted too, except the cockpit, you can stick your head out the top and there’s no wind in your face. I gotta tell you though that was the smoothest ride I’ve ever been on. Really really neat. If you can afford it you should do it.

Super Dave said...

^^^^^^ what 9:51 says is true, it's a great experience.

Anonymous said...

9:43 you notice Byron has been strutting around spewing his normal hate and crap this AM but nothing on this shooter because....well because he was black is why.

Byron Funkhouser said...

10:14 I noticed that you're stalking me, as you normally do, because you're a racist & I am not. I spewed no hate & merely challenged Chuck on some of his hate.

Virginia Beach had a workshop planned for today on how to deal with a mass shooting because that is the new normal until the Second Amendment is repealed & we ban guns.

Anonymous said...

Byron Funkhouser said...

I stalk people because that’s who I am, I stalk people on a blog in another city because of my mental illness, it can’t be helped, I must stalk people I hate and want dead because they don’t think like me and plus the fact that I can’t get my sex and race change, I really do hate white people so so much.

Anonymous said...

Hey bLIEron, is it racist to point out that the mass murderer was a murderous black? I sure don’t want to offend you in any way. I mean your so hateful and we’re all afraid you may go on a murder spree and kill innocent people and all.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Byron: fuck you.

Unknown said...

France banned the 2nd Amendment and they still have mass shootings. And people driving trucks into crowds. We have a right to self defense!

Anonymous said...

lindsey's had 2 abortions, tony.