Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Great Jackson County Fake News Courthouse Bra Debate Settled?!?!?

This news item was always a punchline intended to create social media hits and evoke a great deal of pious posturing. Now, it seems this "crisis" has finally been strapped down, tucked away and slung into control. Checkit:

Bras no longer trip metal detector in Jackson County jail. Were the settings changed?

Women attorneys protest Wednesday at the Jackson County Courthouse against jail security policy requiring removal of underwire bras. Sheriff Darryl Forté says the settings on the Jackson County jail metal detector haven't been changed. But women defense attorneys and other professionals say they again are able to visit clients in the jail without their underwire bras triggering the machine.


Anonymous said...

See Lucas is getting results his very first day.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ That's the county, not the city.

Anonymous said...

Just because he couldn’t care less about any woman’s tits or pussy. He is a homosexual

Anonymous said...

7:20 PM

Well obviously Jackson County Government sucks along with KCMO Government.

It takes two to tango

Anonymous said...

These things make sense in Killa' City. Maybe men should start wearing these when visiting our entertainment districts.

There have been several cases where the underwire from a bra has helped deflect bullets or other objects, saving the wearer's life. There have been multiple incidents where bullets were deflected by the underwire of a woman's bra, either keeping her entirely from harm, or directing the bullet away from the heart to another part of the body. One such incident occurred in 2004 when a stray bullet shot by a member of the Ghetto Boys hit the narrow metal wire in Helen Kelly's bra and was deflected away from her heart. In 2008, a robbery victim was saved from being stabbed in the chest when the attacker's knife was caught and deflected by the underwire of her bra.

Anonymous said...

Forte':s just gonna' have to get his jollies some other way.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I don't think would be terrorists try to sneak handguns into buildings, anymore.

They come through the front door with their semi-automatic rifles already blazing.

An illusion of security makes you less safe.

Anonymous said...

The male lawyers get their cock cages through.