The Great Jackson County Bra Debate Cont'd

Continued advocacy after a screening glitch and inevitable fix seems to have stopped the alarms. Here's one last blast of the undergarment drama. Take a look:

Attorneys continue fight against new jail security measures

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Three female attorneys who have been very vocal about the new jail security measures walked out of the Jackson County Courthouse disappointed on Tuesday. They were hoping to meet with Sheriff Forte. "We sat up there for 20 minutes waiting on him and he did not show up," attorney Tracy Spradlin said.


  1. Between frank and forte this has turned into a shit show, these two clowns clueless.


  2. Forte is a sex predator! This needs to go over his head and people need to scream bloody murder about this. Stop trying to go from one criminal to another, go over their heads and get this stopped.

  3. Fuck the whiny attorneys. Just wear a different type bra when visiting the jail. Problem fucking solved!

  4. Most women lawyers I know don’t mind showing off their titties or even their pussies.

  5. Forte, the ultimate diversity hire. Just like Frank White; the people he claims to serve are an annoyance.


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