Sprint One Step Closer To Acquisition Demise

Latest report doesn't offer much hope for telcom jobs in the Kansas City metro as the corporate takeover slouches forward and these formerly high flying jobs are now becoming a thing of the past. Checkit:

Sprint, T-Mobile deal nearing approval if conditions met

A report Friday afternoon in the New York Times says the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile might be nearing approval from the Justice Department if certain conditions are met.


  1. T-Mobile and Sprint merge, result = Sprint vanishes (takeover),
    "Sprint Campus" becomes vacant.

    T-Mobile and Sprint DON'T merge, result = Sprint vanishes (bankrupt).
    "Sprint Campus" becomes vacant.

    Buh-bye Sprint, wish it had been fun.
    (Oh, and Sprint Employees who haven't been able to find any other job, brush up your french frying skills.)


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