Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Social Media Too Mean For Missouri Mayor

A missive from a small time politico chased away from political life and blaming ur feed. The story is kinda sad but might provide inspiration for youngsters who can navigate the big media fake space successfully:

Lexington mayor resigns over 'absolutely disgusting' attacks

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The mayor of Lexington, Missouri, on Tuesday submitted his resignation, citing "absolutely disgusting" attacks made toward him on social media. "The recent hatred, attacks and outright lies that have been hurled my direction on Facebook by some citizens of this community are absolutely disgusting, and I honestly believe do not represent that majority," Mayor Fred Wiedner wrote in his resignation letter, adding that "it is no longer worth the battle."


Byron Funkhouser said...

"The recent hatred, attacks and outright lies that have been hurled my direction..."

Sadly, you get used to it.

When I worked in a Nashville office, we had one token black woman. One day we had a long talk about racism. I told her how much it upset me, & how foreign it was to me. I marveled that blacks didn't seem to be more upset about it. I told her that it would make me angry, & defensive. Her response was, "You get used to it." *after a pause she continued*, "You learn that some people are mean, & some people are not." I told her that seemed very sad, & very unfair.

Her name was Carol, & now I think that maybe, I understand what Carol meant.

So, go ahead & attack me. Maybe you've noticed that I don't feel the need to respond as strongly, & as often, as I used to. I got used to it.

Anonymous said...

^^^ You really are stupid aren’t you

Anonymous said...

By the way bLIEron, we’re used to your stupidity so....

Anonymous said...

What's wrong Byron? Can't find anyone near where you live to pay attention to you? Is this the only blog you can get on?

Anonymous said...

Some of the GUTLESS "Keyboard Commandos" were making very specific threats against the man's wife!

And the Local Yokels weren't even trying to do anything about it.

Besides, he had a chance to get out of that inbred shithole called Lexington, and like anybody sane would, he grabbed it!

Anonymous said...

Carol responded that she completely understood. She felt the same way about tall ugly white guys with a Munchhausen syndrome and a parasite mentality.