Sleaze Scummit Celebrates Totally Unproductive Racial Conversation!!!

You know that "conversation about race" they keep on saying we should have after every youngster shooting or old lady pushed down the stairs of her tiny one bedroom apartment??? Last night a local school district engaged in that talk . . . Newsflash: It didn't solve anything. Read more:

Public makes comments during meeting at Lee's Summit School District

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO (KCTV) -- Over the last nine months, the Lee's Summit School District has been boiling with racial tensions. The current superintendent, Dr. Dennis Carpenter, has been the center of racist attacks. Last month, the school board voted down a chance to get equity training in the school district.


  1. What were they thinking when they hired this clown for their shithole school district? Get rid of him, before he make the schools like Ruskin.

  2. Multiculturalism

  3. We need equity in our schools. Make the classes easy enough that everyone passes even if they are illiterate.

  4. He’s just waiting it out, the longer this drags on the more money they’re gonna have to give him to make him leave, he saw an easy opportunity to come in and make whitey pay him big bucks and he took advantage of some sjw’s dummies and it’s gonna cost them big time.

  5. Dr. Carpenter's wings have been clipped.

    He can quit and go play "equity" elsewhere or serve out his contract (a little over a year) and be replaced.

    The board will not buy out his contract and pay him a years salary to leave and do nothing, that's what he wants, to take a year off searching for his next school district victim.

    LSMO should have promoted from within when they needed a new superintendent. The previous board was dominated by liberal white-guilt fools who thought it would be great to hire Dr. Carpenter from failing Hickman Mills.

    Think there are racists in this story? Did you know that Dr. Carpenter is the subject of an employment discrimination lawsuit? He refused to consider a black female for a communications/public relations position in the district, violating the existing guidelines and blatantly discriminating against her based solely upon his own racial bias.

  6. ^^^Allegedly.

  7. How can anyone forget the finger he gave in the photo?
    That’s a horrible message.
    Wherever he goes next I hope he is successful- but who would like a guy that supposed to be a leader that waves a middle finger for all to see?
    LS deserves better.

  8. They'll just turn around and hire another kolored. Kan't be seen as RACIST !

    Pass everybody. IQs generally lower than outside temperature anyway.

  9. Would you guys just Hug it Out.

  10. "Boiling over with racial tensions"

    The dude was drunk giving people the middle finger and they want to claim racial tensions for people questioning whether he should be in charge of elementary schools? Jesus fucking christ what is wrong with this world where everyone refuses to hold black people to actual standards because they're afraid of the racism boogieman

  11. Wow. 8:22 am has an amazing post. Real solid facts, just like the black crime rate


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