Sign Of The Times: Rising Mass Shooting Fear Shuts Doors Of Kansas City Churches

An important read for Sunday as the reality of growing mass shootings targeting people of faith has impacted places of worship across the nation and right here in town. Checkit:

Kansas City Churches Trade Open Doors For Tighter Security In An Era Of Mass Shootings

The members of Northminster Presbyterian Church, north of the river in Kansas City, Missouri, pride themselves on having open doors. The church's website says, "All are welcome in this place." A Boy Scout troop meets here, as do some neighborhood assocations in this hilly residential area off Antioch Road.


  1. If the members all carried guns nobody will go in there causing any issues.

  2. They know the Police in KCMO cannot protect them, so you have to take measures to protect yourself. The KCPD just take reports after a crime has occurred, and you're already a victim.

  3. The main function of the police is to clean up after the devastation and not to prevent it. Citizens need to get used to the idea they are living in a city that is a war zone.

  4. The police work for the state and plus sLIE is on the police board so naturally nothing gets done.

  5. It's a different world than when I was young. Religious, racial and political tensions require a change in thinking. Danger, unheard of decades ago, abounds today. Most importantly, and unfortunately, you and you alone are ultimately responsible for your (and your loved ones') safety...

    Elite ANTIGUNNERS (pronounced libtard progressives), who often can afford private or government protective services employing gun carrying personnel, would have us disarmed and at the mercy of those who routinely ignore laws and will/would be armed regardless of any such laws.

    For those who can, take a Concealed Carry class. It's the right thing to do in these violent times.

  6. What's the saying, "God Guns Guts Made America, Let's Keep All Three"

  7. Liberals don’t believe in god or guns and they sure as hell don’t have any guts......

  8. What does the KANSAS CITY ATHEIST COALITION know about this?

    And WHEN did they know it?

    Ask the three Josh's.

  9. Oh, my lawd, there was fiddytwo be shot in Shitcongo, first weekend of June y'all! Heaven's sake, eight of um be kilt. Good gawd, two mo wuz stabbed ta death. How the devil iz gram-mama spoda git these lost little lambs back ta church?

    1. Oh Hell naw! Shiiii dude!


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