On the wrong side of the Show-Me State, here's a move to unseat the President of the United States that now has another MAJOR supporter from the STL area.


KCTV5: Missouri Rep. William Clay Jr. has joined two other Democratic congressmen in sponsoring a resolution to impeach President Donald Trump.


Rep. Clay announced Friday that he was signing on to a resolution with a single article of impeachment accusing Trump of attempting to obstruct the FBI investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Rep. Clay said impeachment is the only remedy available under the U.S. Constitution to hold Trump accountable.

The resolution was introduced in January by Rep. Brad Sherman of California with Rep. Al Green of Texas as a co-sponsor.

Will it work???

You decide . . .


  1. It won't "work" it will backfire against the Democrats who will give up more seats and meet with rejection from the voting public.

    If you can't beat him at the ballot box, you wait and try again, you don't throw out the constitution.

  2. Byron Funkhouser6/21/19, 5:56 PM

    What Constitution?

    The one that Der Fuhrer threw out?

    He must be held accountable for his many crimes & his treasonous relationship with Putin, Remember Helsinki. Still, no one knows what he & Putin talked about.

    1. I guess you didn't get the memo that the whole hoax didn't work out, Missy.

  3. Only in St Louis...that place is a mess!

  4. Elevated temperatures causes mental machinery to get gummed up. That could explain some of it.

  5. What are all the Trump haters going to do?

  6. They'll be looking into his grade school report card and claim he colluded with a Russian foreign exchange student to get the answers to a math test.

  7. Throw out the constitution? Impeachment is specifically detailed in the constitution.

    It doesn't overturn an election. Hillary would not become president. Pence would.

    The more you know...

    1. Except that it will not happen, ever. Nancy said no.

  8. As usual bLIEron gets his ridiculous information from that wonderfully accurate cnn, they’ve never been wrong have they! Hahahahaha!

  9. Can't stop humping the Russia hoax, eh? That's fine. It's certainly better than serving your murderous constituents.


  10. Impeach???? On what???? This is getting hysterical and democrats are turning on each other, so funny! #walk away!

  11. Instead of developing a ground game and finding their way back to an electoral victory by winning back the white working class, the Democrats continue to try to relitigate the last one. Trump wins in a walk.

  12. Dennis Funkhouser6/21/19, 9:16 PM

    My brother is an idiot

  13. Obstruction of justice historically has been found to be a chargeable high crime and misdemeanor.

    Abuse of power must be stopped. We are a nation of laws.

    Also, Russia is not a hoax. Read the report. It happened.

    Nancy is playing 3-D chess. She holding out while the crimes pile up and letting the individual house members reach an independent decision to impeach. When the votes are there, she will let it happens and will have been the voice of reason. She made sure this wasn't a rush job. She wasn't going after the president because of politics. She is protecting him now because of politics.

    1. Your fantasy is interesting, but more of the same.

      Pelosi knows how screwed she is. The only point to all the Russia hysteria was to drive Trump's popularity down and force him to leave office Nixon style. Though Russian election intervention did happen according to the partisan hack Mueller's corrupt investigation, the left took the issue way too far and looked very silly--see Rachel Maddow and failing CNN.

      Even if impeachment got off the ground, which it never will, it would die a quick death in the Senate. Pelosi knows that, as well as the fact that continuing to attack Trump just gets him more votes.

      Meanwhile Trump's base is more galvanized than ever while the Democrats fight amongst themselves. What lost the last election for them will lose this one: hatdcore progressives alienating more mainstream center-leftists.

      Did read the report. Still says no collusion. :)

  14. The only evidence that Russia low-tech hacked the DNC is...the DNC, which refused to make its server available to the FBI for official analysis.

    Remind me, who was in charge of the Executive Branch when all this Russian election interference supposedly was happening? And why did that person and his minions in the administration do nothing to detect and prevent it? Stunning incompetence.

  15. The implosion if the Democrat party is amazing and fast and almost predictable.
    They have accomplished nothing.
    Even Speaker of the House AOC continues to expand the “left”.
    The pendulum is broke and will stay right for 16 more years.
    Having opened the floodgates of immigration to foreign countries unabated- the Democrats have contributed to their own demise as average Americans see this.
    As the media fails and bankruptcy claims their liberal morals and checkbooks- the left won’t have a voice and will be forced to reconcile their existence in a left-wing-liberal-Volvo-driving-kale-eating-Green-New-Deal-Crazy-Uncle-Joe-Bernie society.
    Sure hope their whacko ideas and media keep up the good work.
    Trump 2020,2024, and beyond!

  16. 5:56 Just like Hillary was held accountable for her actions?....hmmmm you must be a demoncrate!!! Byron you fucktard!

  17. The report says "no collusion"? Really, 4:04???

    Exactly what page number does that phrase appear?

    Hint: it's on none of them. Now go get your shinebox, bitch.


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