Show-Me Planned Parenthood Winning Missouri Abortion Funding Payback

The early rounds of this court battle go to abortion providers who want to continue offering their horrific medical "procedure" despite a massive GOP effort to shut it down. Read more:

Judge Says Missouri Legislators Unlawfully Cut Off Planned Parenthood's Medicaid Funding

A state court judge in St. Louis on Friday ordered Missouri to restore Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood's affiliates in that city. Judge David L. Dowd ruled that the legislature's fiscal 2019 appropriations bill for the Medicaid program violated the state constitution by barring payments to abortion providers and their affiliates.


  1. Of course they did. They never learn! Sorry folks, abortion is the law of the land and despite what our current resident of the White House and his newly appointed drunken frat bruh say, it will never change. Deal with it!

  2. ^^^^^^
    It is not the law of the land....Learn what that means idiot! Due to what your PINKO OREO Anti American President did making us pro life folks pay for murdering your babies.....WE WILL DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD so stop being a slut and keep your legs together DEAL WITH IT PINKO BITCH!

  3. ^^^^as long as people like you are the opposition to this issue, abortion rights will ALWAYS be the law of land. Thank you for making it so.

  4. ^^Oh snap!!! 10:10AM just got his geezer skull caved in and it is GLORIOUS!!! Bravo!


  5. make your lover wear a condom..OR..

    just murder the baby.

    It's a Woman's Choice ..according to Democrats.

  6. Speaking of 'Horrific med. procedures.....just scream to your ''god'' to stop
    the still births and birth defects that ''He'' keep blessing us with..........
    What kind of god gives a baby a cleft lip? etc........
    Why it's your god........right?
    Keep praying, and praying.......what a waste of time........

  7. St. Louis judges are the state's equivalent to 9th Circuit judges: leftists always try to file lawsuits in those courts because it's an automatic win. We'll see what happens to this case on appeal, where occasionally sanity does prevail.

  8. GREAT DECISION !!!!!!!!!


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