Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Show-Me Muddy Mistake: Kansas City Water Shares Sewage In Missouri River

A peek at lower standards and a nasty environmental disaster courtesy of City Hall management:

KC Water pumping wastewater into Missouri River because of 2 broken sewer mains


Anonymous said...

sLIE’s legacy of broken down everything...... unless you live in the utopia of downtown, speaking of downtown, where’s all the extra billions of gallons of sewage created by the new utopia going?

Reality Speaker said...

I've been boiling drinking water ever since the first flooding caused "TURBIDITY" in the water. The Water Dept said "cloudy" appearance caused by high river levels didn't really affect the purity. At the time however, they asked residents to limit usage to allow more "settlement" time for muddy water to become clear.

Do you believe this shit? (and I'm afraid "shit" it is.) I have a routine now so I am used to boiling, but it's a damn shame. We need more f-----g bicycle lanes painted on streets and new airports. Flint Michigan, meets KC. I see no end to infrastructure failures. Debate about a new park in the Northland??? I live North. Fix streets and water/sewers first!!!!!!!!

City loaded with millions of pension debt. We need to take care of what is here, not building new unneeded legacy shit.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ +100 on this comment. Absolutely nails it.