Monday, June 03, 2019

Show-Me Abortion Ban Referendum: Will Missouri Voters Pick Pro Choice Or Life?!?

The write-up suggests that the call for a public votes might thwart proponents of the 8-week "heartbeat bill" abortion ban but overall the state swings OVERWHELMINGLY CONSERVATIVE with voters endorsing Prez Trump and a GOP-SUPER-MAJORITY in Jeff City -- And so, a public vote on the issue also threatens to solidify statewide support of the current abortion crackdown. Checkit:

Abortion Ban Opponents Could Face Referendum Snag

After Gov. Mike Parson signed an eight-week abortion ban into law, opponents vowed to put the measure up for a statewide vote - similar to a successful effort in 2018 to repeal Missouri's right-to-work law. But there could be an obstacle: A clause making one part of the proposal go into effect right away.


Anonymous said...

Choose life. Let the murders go into the back alley where they belong with a quack abortionist and a dirty knife.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Thanks for the insight.

These pro-"life" knuckle-draggers are why pro-choice will win at the ballot by 70%.