Sunday, June 02, 2019

Show-Me Abortion Ban Missouri Perspective

MSM offers this overview of this legal issue that will inevitably work its way back to the Supreme Court. Checkit:

'We're open today': The fate of Missouri's last abortion clinic still hangs in the balance

ST. LOUIS - Kawanna Shannon walked into her staff meeting Friday morning not knowing if it would be the last day that the St. Louis Planned Parenthood she oversees would provide abortions.


Anonymous said...

Be closed by end of next week.

Anonymous said...

How come when it's us, it's an abortion, and when it's a chicken, it's an omelette?

Anonymous said...

You ever notice how progressives always talk about statistics when it’s a disproportionate to people of color but they never talk about aborted babies in the black community.

Snotty white libs don’t really care about black people. The bottom line is power and if they can claim certain demographics to build their following them they will do whatever it takes to politically enslave them into their backwards group think.

Example: black lives matter.

Who really organized BLM? A group of black people or white liberals with big DNC donors backing them? What did BLM transform into over time? Trans lives matter. I witnessed this at the liberty memorial at the anti trump rally after the election.

The roots of the occupy wall st movement are the same roots of BLM, and in a few years there will be some new magical “social justice movement” that comes out of nowhere. The same group of paid malcontents protesting for something they know nothing about. Holding the same mass printed posters and encouraged to do violence in the street.

Anonymous said...

We won't stop until we close it down for good.

Charlie Horse said...

Eugenics promoter Margaret Sanger would be so proud of how PP continues to stay true to her mission to wipe out certain segments of our society.

Anonymous said...


Parenthood? You have to actually allow the child to be born to become a parent.

The organization known as "Planned Parenthood" should really be called something like "Scheduled Infanticide" if they're not going to be committing false advertising.

Have you ever wondered by Planned Parenthood even exists?

Isn't it because very few trained OB/GYN's perform abortions, as they recognize it's the taking of a life? Most communities have a safety net clinic where the poor can access medical care, so why don't poor women receive their gynecological care at their community clinic?

The corporation which operates Planned Parenthood clinics is a predatory operation taking advantage of primarily uneducated, desperate indigent women. Very much like Payday/Title Loan operations.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to using the day after pill? If these slutty women would use that then there would be no use for abortions, just sayin.