Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Should Kansas Crack Down On Protesters In The Topeka Capitol Building???

Really thoughtful report from our Conservative friends examines Kansas progressive protest culture in the aftermath of the Blue Wave and how organizers have dodged the rules. As the next election looms, is it time to think about getting tougher with politically motivated outbursts??? Read more:

Lax enforcement aids in escalation of protests at Capitol building, Senator says - The Sentinel

Acts of civil disobedience in the Kansas Capitol escalated throughout the session and according to one state Senator, Capitol Police encouraged more illegal protests by failing to uphold the law. Medicaid expansion supporters first deployed civil disobedience as a tool for political advocacy by unfurling banners from the fifth-floor railing of the Capitol rotunda in late March.


Anonymous said...

They should beat the living shit out of them. Broken bones and fractured skulls. The should do the same everywhere

Tracy Thomas said...

Serving in the Kansas Legislature is a miserable job. I like to say, "Second prize is TWO terms."
Public shaming, in the form of the blood on your hands" and banners needs to stop.
Shame on Governor Kelly for allowing this, with her army of officers. This is like medieval England!

Many of the protesters have a scant knowledge of the different kinds of Medicare and Medicaid populations. Let alone the economics. Even an MD in KCMO, a dear friend, had cited just the first half of the economics--how much Kansas had turned down. But had not considered that the carrot and stick big compensation plan will end, and THAT is when it would bankrupt Kansas.

Socialism has great appeal to people who don't have to pay the bills.

Thank God for people like State Senator Jim Denning, the adult in the room of the Kansas Capitol chambers--who says: Let's solve the education funding and that court case first--because we don't have UNLIMITED FUNDS!

This is how we as families have to operate.

Glad the Sentinel is on the job, reporting this. And TKC is linking. The STAR is worthless. TV stations are just whining because when they cleared the chamber it ruined their free evening news footage. TV loves fires, murders and protests. they don't want to cover news. they just want voyeur drama. And now, the weather...and a tease about Patrick Mahomes...and more weather...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Capitol Police don't really give a shit. Maybe it's due to low pay and poor treatment by the house members.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ +100