Kansas City is lucky to witness a rising star in the local talk game who takes a moment to offer a big picture perspective on today's election.

To wit . . .


As much as the new airport or the streetcar, the rising crime rate has been the hallmark of this politico and his answers are important given that no other journalist in KCMO has asked him these questions in such a pointed manner . . .


You decide . . .


  1. Nice work.

    Good that more people are willing to speak "truth to power" in KC.

    1. Sly never really cared about crime. Only wanted to help his friends and donors.

  2. I don't think that the mayor can do much about ghetto rats and trailer trash shooting each other. The goal should be to try to keep everybody else out of harm's way while that is going on. In large part that has happened, but there will always be problems when people put themselves in dangerous situations.

  3. Dwayne Crackenbush6/18/19, 3:03 PM

    SLie is afraid to publicly state what the real problem is. He still hides behind his failed feel good programs.

  4. It all starts at home. Sly is conveniently denying the real issue... the mother of the criminals and most likely the victims involved in criminal behavior that lead to their death.

    The mother KNOWS what her children are up to, especially if they display signs of wealth without having a job. She KNOWS when they are involved in criminal behavior. It's a tragedy what is going on in KC, as the parents, leaders in the inner city turn a blind eye to this TRUTH.


    Sylvester rather angrily recoiled at the very hint that HE FAILED on violent crime during his 8 years.

    He then quickly pivoted, once again, to BLAMING OTHERS! It's the State of Missouri's fault, it's the Republicans fault, it's the fault of social media, or poverty, or immature adults lashing out others for perceived insults.

    Asked if more police "boots on the ground" would help, Sylvester was adamant that wasn't the answer. If people want to kill each other with guns, they're going to do it. Might as well throw your hands up in the air and give up.

    Then he inferred that the failure to pass his Pre-K tax was preventing the city from getting a handle on crime.

  6. He is dust in the wind! 10 years and folks will say Sly who!

  7. 3:11 is, of course, 100% right. However, "FATHERS" should be involved, not only mothers.

    Don't know who father is?
    Father's in jail?
    Father's shot dead?
    Father's simply in the wind?

    Until this culture ends, robbing, stealing and killing will continue.

    At one time, not so long ago, both parents cared about their kids. Democrats changed all that by introducing the welfare state. Now happening with whites in Kommiefornia with drugs. Jolie and or Quint will fix things.

  8. I thought he did great!
    While crime was a record high with mass killings- look at the free transportation he gave the rich with the trolley so they can enjoy subsidized shopping! (Poor people love taking and paying for the bus)
    And he was so efficient he could moonlight as a mediator in his high end law firm! Time on his hands... what a guy!
    Legacy? While water rates went through the roof and poor people still paid the earnings tax- at least ol’ Sly didn’t get impeached and his fellow Democrats promised better life for those east of Troost! Hopefully the lip service made them happy while the bullets went whizzing by and their sky high water bills went higher.
    What a city!

  9. Funny how some you people really hate Sly. You will never be satisfied. We're coming off arguably the best stretch of growth in our city's history. Sly will go down as one of the best mayors in the history of KC.

    You also do not seem to understand how this city works. We do not have a strong mayor form of government. The mayor can't do much about crime and education when the police department and school district do not fall under his or her direction. He or she also can't do much about crumbling infrastructure or incompetent department directors when the city manager wields all the power. (And the city manager is not going to put his or her job on the line when they live in constant fear of being canned by the changing whims of the city council.)

    The mayor's primary job in a weak mayor structure is to be a cheerleader and foster consensus in the hopes the council will come together and work for good as one. In today's polarized environment, that is not going to happen. And when people like Kathryn Shields and Teresa Loar keep getting reelected, all hope for that is lost.

    Anyone who thinks Quinton or Jolie is going to fix things is fooling themselves. Can't be done until we change the city's charter and give the mayor real power.

    1. Suck a fat dick. And absolutely nobody thinks lesbian Jolie or queer Quinton is worth a fuck.

    2. Such bullshit. Sly specifically took action to weaken the police force exactly when they were needed. He avoided the topic whenever he could, reacted childishly and defensively when challenged, and displayed nothing but cowardice in the face of the biggest problem facing the city.

      Mayor Bullhorn may not like his legacy. Tough shit. There's a price to pay for being the turnkey puppet clown of developers and nothing else.


    2:50 is correct, in part, that the mayor cannot do much about crimmie lowlifes of all stripes, except tell the idjits to have some personal responsibility, get their family dysfunctions fixed, stop the addictions, and contribute to the good! And, the mayor can get more kick ass than kiss ass with the prosecution of crimes. No fun freebies when the rank is #5 for murder momentum!

    It's just bad that danger is spreading beyond the Killa Shitty hellholes and hoods to where it impacts the decent areas. Seems if a mayor fails to get tough enough from the start, the only way to keep everybody out of harm's way is to INSTALL BILLIONS OF F*CKING BUSHES TO DIVE INTO ALL ACROSS THE GAWD DAMN PLACE TO DIVE INTO WHEN THE ASSHOLES ARE SHOOTING!!!

  11. This is why Pete Mundo is now the king of Kansas City political talk radio. Dana and Parks would never ask hard questions on crime. Let alone hard questions for Sly James.

    710, put Mundo on against Dana and Parks at 2 to 6. Trust me, he'll win.

  12. 4:03 we know it’s you gopher boy, he’s no longer mayor so you can get off sLIE’s dick now, by the way, your gone too, nobody evar liked you so...... buh and bye loser!

  13. sLIE says Missouri has a murder with guns problem, no sLIE, shitty Louis and your failed killa shitty do, the rest of the state does just fine, just because the negroes murder everybody in these two shit hole towns doesn’t mean any other city or town does. You failed to protect and serve and thank god you’re done with.

    Breaking news! Murder at 41st and Monroe, we can hit 65 by the end of the weekend!

  14. sLIE’s a lyin no good piece of shit, glad he’s gone

  15. Pete kicks ass. You liberals cant stand him, and you conservatives cant stand him, and both for the exact same reason (i.e. he doesnt blindly profess your respective ideologies).

  16. Nice job Mundo!

    Finally, it's good to have some REAL radio in KC.

  17. 5:37 nicely said, all true.

  18. Sly's gonna have the rest of Van Brunt that's not already named Cleaver Blvd named after him. Then we can call that entire stretch of road 2K Dead Blvd. For all the murders during their terms.

  19. 4:03 must be Gopher or Sly’s mom. Anyone else with an objective bone in their body knows he has been a loser from day one. And this record growth you speak of is nothing that truly benefits the city. The trolley may be fun like a free carnival ride, but it is certainly isn’t progressive, impactful public transport. And the vast majority of other growth is heavily subsidized and will be tax free for years to come. The only people who will remember Sly fondly are the rich JoCo developers who got richer while Sly danced for them.


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