More than a few readers suggested this news link that hits residents in the wallet and inspires more local anger toward the Courthouse amid political chaos and and continued infighting betwixt the Exec vs. The legislature.

An additional downside:

Frank White has his own problems and won't be paying much attention to public outcry on this costly decision.


Fox4: Some Jackson County homeowners shocked by tax value hikes


"Some taxpayer also are concerned about abatements for high-value properties and perceived unfairness of some neighborhoods have much lower assessments than others. The county say home values have increased by an average of nearly nine percent in the last year."

Developing . . .


  1. Isn’t this just rich? I mean you have social justice warriors running for mayor talking about affordable housing while the city they manage squeezes more out of their savings through property tax hikes.

    Also, why doesn’t jolie or Q talk about the state of the public schools in Kansas City? Lost cause?

  2. Way to smart for the crooked politics of KC6/8/19, 2:16 PM

    Here's a post from a guy over in Hyde Park last night

    I intend to ask for an informal reassessment and then appeal any assessment that I believe is either incorrect or inequitable. Having said that, this was all the push I needed to move. My property valuation went up 345%. I will pay this long enough to get the property sold. This is shocking. If anyone has an email or snailmail address to which they intend to send a protest, let me know the addresses. I believe that applying pressure while also following the procedures set out for reassessment requests and appeals will have the most likelihood of succeeding. The question comes unbidden to mind, "Have the people from the school board found new employment in the Assessor's office?".

  3. Mine went up 12.5% and I have a 65 year old 1100sqaure foot house, this is bullshit. I had my house appraised three years ago and they had to lower it then and I would guess with no changes to the house that would still be good.

  4. Ours went up from $140,000 to around $250,000. And we haven't done a single thing to it other then basic maintenance. 2 bedroom one bath.

  5. ^^^ Ours jumped from $138,238 to $398,871.


    1. WTF is right mine went from $235,000 to $448,000

  6. Hey!
    Frank can't pay for all those lawsuits at the jail, deals for his insiders, perks for selected employees, and all the rest of the cost overruns that come with an incompetent and dysfunctional operation.
    Jackson County is a clown show every bit as ridiculous as KCMO.
    Go west, go west!
    Live the circus behind!

  7. With increases like that the housing east of Troost appears to be not so affordable.
    This probably happened to make the luxury downtown apartments look affordable.
    Maybe the last middle finger from Slie to the homeowners.

  8. 3:48 Frankie boy can’t pay for his own house let alone run Jackson county, the man is a incompetent.

  9. Not sure where all the shock and anger is coming from, but given how JACOMO and KCMO proper doles out money to everything from developers to nonprofits (like the Jazz Museum), the money has to come from somewhere. It will only get worse.

  10. and their property values did not increase, weird.

  11. 5:55 PM Your rents going up.

  12. Funny that taxes for properties in the central core DID NOT INCREASE, no where in the hood did it increase, WTF IS UP WITH THAT?
    Yes I did the research and looked it up on Jackson counties website, anybody with half a brain can do it.

  13. Seniors are the substrate for the gentrification racket. They can't afford to put in granite countertops, spa showers, etc. House flipper comes along and offers pennies on the dollar, turns around and sells it for four times as much. Assessor comes along and jacks up assessments. More seniors and working class people are forced to sell. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  14. Nonvoters deserve to get forked. I hope that everybody on this board is a voter. If not--you get what you deserve, vaseline costs extra!

  15. Funny how black will vote democrat no matter how much their property taxes spike, then proceed to blame white people for racial inequality. You get what you vote for.

  16. Ours went from 175 to 230. We did nothing to our house.
    Frank White - How will you at your increase or who will pay it for you?
    Hope this helps pay for your jail... you might get first hand views.

  17. Re-appraisals are not based on what you did INSIDE your home, period. they have no way to know that. You would not want Assessor Nazis coming inside your home for a looksee, anyway. So my advice re appeals and arguments is not to emphasize that--it's the tunnel with no cheese.

    The truth is, you are collectively being gentrified, and priced out of your home. And unless you push back with your district's county commissioner, or replace them at the next election, you are screwed.

    Meanwhile, notice how many tax abatements were granted by the City Council--to every developer and every big business that threatened to leave. The Council doesn't do the appraisals, they just spend what the county gives them. And so Council elections count. Remember--Jolie JustUS is the biggest friend of her law firm's big developer and corporate clients.

    Based on my experience here in Joco, since I fled KCMO in 1992 based on crime at my office at 31st and Main, and my home at 33rd and Karnes, property tax appeals are a short term solution. But, like whiskey, it will make you feel powerful and better BRIEFLY! Knock yourself you can feel superior and brag to your neighbors. You showed 'em. For about two years, because the county will come back and raise it. It's the HOKEY POKEY APPRAISAL DANCE. "That's what it's all about."

    The assessor takes his/her marching orders from the whole county commission. Thumbs up means we need more money to cover our spending on WANTS rather than NEEDS. And the assessor's job is to crank up the machine to "whatever the traffic will bear". That includes a non-published off the record sense about which neighborhoods will just pay up, vs those that won't.


  18. 5:49 and 8:58 hit the nail on the head with this one nothing more needs to be said!

  19. It's like having Wayne Reeders buddy in there again. Good old curtis koons. Mine jumped 25%, appealed but still got whacked with a net 20% increase. They said I can get an appraisal but that's $400 to the freaking pizza delivery kid, with no guarantee of success.


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