Scott Tucker Sale: Everything Must Go!!!

Comeuppance and savings for the good people of this local suburban enclave. Here's a look at fleeting Internets fortunes:

Convicted payday loan mogul's estate sale brings in hundreds of people

Sandra Kitchen sat down to rest in a sleek, ultra-modern chair in Scott Tucker's former basement.Kitchen had just walked shoulder to shoulder with people through the estate sale at Tucker's former 4,500-square-foot Leawood mansion, and stopped to collect her thoughts."I just wonder what he's thinking today," Kitchen said.


  1. Her thoughts,"I just wonder what he's thinking today."

    He's probably wondering who will cornhole him tonight.

  2. Brown Button does the best job of selling the high end estates. Glad they were awarded this sale, because they will stage it perfectly and for a good price. AND unlike most, they have a team that does "load out" to your car. Everyone else has quit offering that service. Brown Button has the highest likelihood of generating the most dollars to return to the victims. Whereas the state of Kansas does a dreadful job.

    Plus they play jazz music, so it's kind of like a classy party at 9am! Lovely people.

  3. OMG I wonder if Kim Kardashian showed up!

  4. I went early Saturday morning. Not much of anything left. Nothing of the furnishings were very classy or expensive looking. The house reminded me of a hotel suite. Not at all warm or homey. Its just a bunch of bricks painted white. Garage had the same type of stuff you would see for sale in Kansas city Kansas. This guy did have a big bathroom. Justice is slow, but it did arrive for the scammed victims


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