Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Rep. Sharice Davids Confronts Challenge Supported By Every Kansas Republican

Her low-key strategy might prove effective in denying opponents ammo against her BUT she hasn't really dazzled her constituents with any earth-shattering legislation.

Too be fair,elections in JoCo are now nothing more than a popularity contest and so many ANGRY REPUBLICAN MIDDLE-AGED WHITE DUDES always forget that nobody wants to hear them complain as they drive away women, young people and just about everybody outside of their bubble from their otherwise sound (but boring) policy goals.

Here's the newspaper "reporting" that a challenge to the Freshman Congresswoman from Kansas was inevitable . . .

Former Kansas congresswoman ready to guide possible GOP challenger to Sharice Davids

Sharice Davids defeated four-term incumbent Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder to capture Kansas' 3rd Congressional District on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Former Rep. Lynn Jenkins will likely play a major role in the campaign of a potential 2020 GOP challenger to Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids.


Anonymous said...

Jenkins will kick Davids ass to the curb.

Anonymous said...

And yet she won’t. Weird.

Chief Sitting Sharice said...


Anonymous said...

Christ, won't that loser Jenkins ever go away?
Live with it - the voters are tired of your do-nothing office holding.

Anonymous said...

Actually @8:00pm, Jenkins didn't run for re-election and her Republican replacement won.
You're right that she was pretty much of a do-nothing, but that has never been much of an issue for the KC metro members of Congress.
Exhibits A and B:
Cleaver and Davids.
Ineffectiveness is a bi-partisan characteristic.

Anonymous said...


Now there is one stupid cunt.

NicK said...

David's hardest challenge will come from her left