Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Quinton Lucas & Jolie Justus Disagree On Kansas City Northland Road To Nowhere

Another day and another mayoral debate that most people are ignoring. Read more:

Mayoral candidates disagree on how taxpayer money being used for Northland Project


Anonymous said...

First of all Jolie, you voted in favor of SUPER TIFS while at the state house. Second of all, Hunt is a good company, but Arlington Road was a TIF over a decade ago, when it got developed and Hunt Midwest had to buy out several houses down there.
It came out of the TIF Fund of Arlington TIF.
Why are we spending over $90 million at this location when these improvements were to be handled by that TIF?
Ole Troy boy is busy at work because the City Water debacle in Birmingham and he and Jolie are using the shell game to fix something that they screwed up in the past.

Once again, Q is on target and correct.

And JJ, you took money from Hunt Midwest so now you are hereby anointed as the
Queen of TIF.

Anonymous said...

^^^ He's gotta point. .

Anonymous said...

The way KCMO government is "managed", pretty much all roads lead to nowhere.
The "ready, fire, aim" school of making decisions and commitments.
Unintended consequences and bankruptcy.
Have the hotel over-building and low occupancy rates lines crossed yet?
A clown show on steroids.
And these two candidates are perfect examples of the fact that what floats to the surface isn't always the cream.

Anonymous said...

One of so many factors playing into these Vegas odds that have consistently favored Lucas.

Getting through the primary was tougher than beating Jolie.

Vegas favors Lucas and it's no longer close.

Anonymous said...

The north needs to succeed from the south.

Sasquatch said...


Anonymous said...

Jolie talks about "local jobs". How many of those jobs are going to KCMO residents? Precious few! So KCMO taxpayers subsidize jobs for residents of Johnson County and the suburbs! Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

There are several issues with TIF. First is the merit of the specific TIF project and whether it makes sense as a project at all. Some TIF projects are suspect on the surfce. Second, if projections fall short, who makes up the shortfall - developers or taxpayers? There are some successful KCMO TIFs where not one cent of taxpayer money is at risk - only the developers are on the hook. Third, is the total amount of TIFs issued that taxpayers are obligated to pay excessive. If taxpayers are obligated for cash flow shortfalls, it makes sense to ask - If the economy turns, can the city afford to pay their share of the subsidy.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Let her be known as Queen LaTIFa from this day forward!