Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Quinton Lucas & Jolie Justus Perform For Greater Kansas City Chamber Of Commerce

This conversation is mostly polite garbage but it's sill worth checking given the dearth of any real reporting . . .


New high-rises are going up downtown, the streetcar is helping revitalize parts of Midtown, and a new airport terminal will eventually welcome visitors. All good news, yet violent crime remains a concern, Kansas City’s building boom stops at Prospect Avenue, and gentrification threatens to displace residents elsewhere. Addressing those concerns and others will be the next mayor's job. In a live broadcast from the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, the candidates for that office shared their thoughts on the city's next four years.

We've linked the audio so readers can do more important things whilst attempting to listen to local political niceties:

Kansas City Mayoral Debate At Union Station

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Quinton only knows how to complain about race.

Anonymous said...

Jolie is running on the white lesbian card. I hope that works well for her, it didn't help Hillary Clinton much.

Anonymous said...

Quinton could get at least half the gay vote if he came out of the closet.

Anonymous said...

Both are bad news for Kansas City. No candidate very sad time for this city.

Anonymous said...

Which ever of these clowns "wins" the election, they'll have plenty of opportunities to "perform" for the Chamber.
In fact, that will be their job.
Just like the center ring of the circus, except almost all of the performing will be behind closed doors and under the table
Fetch, Jolie, fetch!

Super Dave said...

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Which one is the bigger Ho.

Anonymous said...

Very original Super Gay! Good one!

Anonymous said...

Dave nailed it, they're both just doing their best to cater to the developers and big business.

Anonymous said...

Oh really? Is that what Quinton means when he says we can't give away money for projects we don't need? The whole "they're the same" narrative is lazy at best.

Anonymous said...

Anytime a government program doesn't work the proponents always claim it needs to be reformed. But once the elections are over its back to business as usual.

Anonymous said...

This race comes down to this. Are you voting for the black dude or the fat lesbian. They won the primary because of their intersectional traits. Now their different intersectional check boxes are the only differentiation between the two. And yes, fat is an intersectional check box.

Anonymous said...

Radish cringes at embarrassing boosterism like this quoted statement, high rises and streetcar etc.

Heavy subsidies and tax abatement for high price dwellings. Terrible policy. No jobs in these deals except temporary construction (and don’t think those guys spend a dime in KCMO. When their shift is done they hop in their pickups and go back home to Leavenworth or excelsior or grain valley).

Here is reality :

take a look at the 2019 Fortune 500. How many Fortune 500 companies based in KC?


There are ten in Mo, 9 in St. Louis and 1 in Springfield. There are four in Omaha.

So who the hell are these high rent subsidized and abated dwellings being designed for? KC is up to its eye brows in debt chasing after this fad. Terrible public policy. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Quinton doesn't know who he is, has never met his father, and as an adult pretends to be a superhero who will go back in time to rescue his younger self.

At the core of his politics lies the belief that Big Government intervention is the answer to most problems. He's a believer in the race-based "equity" programs.

Have you noticed that Lucas insists on mentioning his "single-mother", "homelessness", etc., at every public forum?

Jolie is a wounded little girl who never seemed to fit in, and as an adult trapped herself in a fat body while advocating for distressed women and children.

At the core of her politics lies the belief that there's a balance between benefiting the wealthy and powerful and throwing some scraps to the indigent. She's a believer in personal greed by serving as the middleman for political deal-making.

Have you noticed that Jolie's advisors give her buzz words to use at each debate? Today's word was "catalytic."

Anonymous said...

The Chamber is a mediocre institution, now mainly fronting for about five usual players. The Chamber doesn't take any steps to institute fairness or integrity of process. Nor do they have any problem for the fix when it serves one of their "sponsors".

Everything is not up to date in Kansas City and the poor leadership coming from the business community is a major reason why the Chamber has become
a force, but not a clearly positive one.

The last two leaders have been lawyers, not leaders. And they are tuned to their sponsors, not a wide ranging high integrity business perspective.

Compare to high performing peers, not too much to crow about then. We get
rankings and chearleaders, posers and press releases. Then the public forgets all about whatever was on the agenda as a new sponsor takes over.

The airport was an incredible example of the fix, the fail, the pork carve up, the sponsors in action. There are so many more.

Anonymous said...

In case the hard working simpletons havent figured shit out yet, here is a tip, the rich get richer and the poor stay poor, its a system ( a algorithm rather) designed to keep the arrogant wealthy rich while the worker ants who have no clue WTF is going on keep those fucks rich. If education was a real thing, in K-12 schools they would teach finance, they would teach how the credit system works, How wall street works, and how investing works and once they graduate as a senior in high school they wouldnt waste 30-150 K on a education that will NEVER get them rich even if they had a full ride scholorship because the vultures who paid for it saw a return on their investment by funding such prospects, look this is a scandioulos world, I am 85 years old I have seen some shit and I know some shit, but I doubt anyone younger than me will ever listen.