Police Warn Against Suspected Rock Chalk Lady's Restroom Creeper

A reminder that KC's favorite college town can get kinda nasty. Take a look:

KU issues Crime Alert after male looks under occupied women's bathroom stall

LAWRENCE, KS (KCTV) - KU Public Safety is investigating a series of incidents that have all occurred this month, authorities said Wednesday. Three different times a male has entered women's restrooms in Strong Hall and the Dole Center on Sunnyside Avenue, and has looked under a bathroom stall that was being used at the moment.


  1. Look for someone not from Lawrence. Almost all males in Lawrence are homosexuals and would not be interested at all in a woman’s pussy.

  2. Are you sure it's a male?

  3. Old school peeper still putting the work in..

  4. Hey, maybe this Jayhawk "john" jerk identifies as FEMALE!6/27/19, 12:22 AM

    Blame it on Barry. He was a promoter of all access BathHouses for the "T" and "Q" mental cases. He ordered the entire nation's public schools to allow these gender benders to play eenie*meenie*miney*moe in deciding if they want to use the boys' rooms, or the girls' rooms. The gender-swapped "trans" types, and the gender curious "questioning" types could use the bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers of their choosing, according to Michael's hubby, down-low B.O.

    But, there was yuuuuge push back from decent people who didn't want their tiny tots, tweens, teens, and themselves sharing these intimate spaces with males masquerading as missies, and females fronting as fellahz. SO THEN BUTTHEAD BATHHOUSE BARRY SAID JUST SWAP OUT THE SIGNS THAT HAVE "MEN", "WOMEN", "BOYS", "GIRLS", "the universal GRAPHIC of stick figure for male", and "the universal GRAPHIC of a stick figure for female" and replace them with "a new GRAPHIC of a single stick figure with ONE HALF OF A KNEE LENGTH DRESS ON"! THEN, REAL SOON AFTER THAT STUPID SIGNAGE WAS OBVIOUS AS A HALF-ASSED FAIL, BATHHOUSE BARRY SAID INSTALL SIGNS WITH "EVERYONE" ON THEM. HE WANTED TO BE SURE THAT THE SUPPOSED "RIGHTS" OF THE MENTALS IN THE TINY MINORITY, SUPERCEDES THE SAFETY AND MORAL DECENCIES OF THE MAJORITY.


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