Thursday, June 06, 2019

Pets Will Live Nicer Than Most People In This Private Community Near Kansas City

A glimpse at the local good life this morning as Americans consider alternative economic models in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Fox News: Bernie Sanders: Soviet Union, Venezuela don't count as examples of failed socialism

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This Loch Lloyd home is gorgeous while remaining pet-friendly

When you have pets, you look for a home built with texture, pattern and low-maintenance surfaces. This home, nestled into a hill in Loch Lloyd, is owned by Kim and her husband, who share it with two pets - a Maine Coon cat and a Scottish Terrier.


Anonymous said...

Loch Lloyd is in the armpit of Missouri right in the middle of South KC and Grandview. Anyone who pays to live there is a fool.

Anonymous said...

^^^says a fool on a blog for dying geriatrics. Sorry bub, your opinion isn't worth shit! if it was, you wouldn't be here.

Martini crowd in the good seats watching humanity struggle from afar said...

Kim and her husband huh?

Wow and just what kind of rackets do they do to make a humble living?

Anonymous said...

That thing is one trendy house. Like every trendy item out of the style mags... every box checked. That said, its a heck of a house, and regardless of the above comment about Loch Lloyd being an armpit, they've management insulate themselves pretty well from the surrounding rabble. Even got the City to build that nice roundabout for them on the North, and somehow manage to gate what should be a public street. They have learned to grift with the best of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the neighbors are drug dealers.

Anonymous said...

@8:47, sorry to hear you're a "Dying Geriatric" - we're going to miss your 24/7 snarking, bitching and whining on this site.

Lots of luck wherever you wind up, drink plenty of ice water before you kick off.

Toodle-ooh, Pal! You've been lots of laughs!

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice mansion there. But

a) why build it in a problematic neighborhood?

b) why let dogs and cats poop in it?

If you still believe rich people are smarter than the rest of us, you're out to lunch.

Anonymous said...

^^Everybody is smarter than you though.

I want to be a very nice rich family's spoiled Spot in the next life said...

During contract work in multi-million dollar homes, I saw how some pampered pooches have it made. Oh sure, excellent food, good vet care, comfy resting spots, obedience training, adequate exercise, monogrammed collars, cute sweaters, and enough companion attention was usual. The surprise for me, was how muttly rescues living with registered breed-specifics was about even numbered. Three to four pooches per family is common. And, really big dogs in pairs, matched breeds, or not, is a thing, it seems. The biggest shock was that most of those Fidos and Fifis lounged on the furniture, on beds, in the big garden or jetted tubs, and in the garage ON THE HOOD OF A VINTAGE CHEVY TRUCK! That was Gloria Maximus, the Great Dane girl.

Anonymous said...

Tony has left the building. Where in the world is Tony?

A Bernie Sanders socialism link in a local Loch Lloyd home and pet story.

Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

Fire the interns and reboot the site before it turn to complete shite. This is embarrassing.

Tracy Thomas said...

No need for a dog house at this residence. the 6 dogs run the house. But if they did have one, it would be larger than what we discussed 2 days ago--a Tiny House!

I'm glad I don't live in a house so large one must then live with third world people who do not speak English. That is absolutely de rigeur in East Hampton, for example. Someone must clean the Viking range, etc.

I loved all these photos. Nice art by Eva Reynolds Gallery, of course. Great resource. I especially enjoyed seeing all the new "engineered finishes"--a much better branding term than fake or faux or plastic.

Maybe some of the gals who live in these upscale neighborhoods should adopt that turn of phrase. They don't have fake boobs or facelifts. They have engineered bosoms and engineered visages. And don't forget the two biggest body trends: engineered eyebrows. And engineered derrieres, ala the Kardashians.

And I learned from this story there is a screen that will resist animal clawing. Because I just had my screen torn by my matching designer dogs. So I'll go find me some of that. Probably at Olathe Glass. They do great work.