Partially Accredited KCPS Hypes Enrollment

More students means more money and as this sketchy district wants students to endure their PROVISIONAL credentials that mostly serve to get schools more cash as they sell to a somewhat captive audience. Read more:

KCPS ramps up advertising in effort to recruit more students

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's tough to drive anywhere in Kansas City, Missouri, without seeing a billboard for Kansas City Public Schools. Starting in 2016, the district began allocating more money to advertising through a new strategic plan.


  1. We iz nummer 5 fo murder momentum, y'all!6/24/19, 6:42 PM

    You know you're in a Democrim-run shithole district, when the PUBLIC schools are wholesale pleading for students. Nice billboard, plugging for readun', 'rightun', 'rithmutic, athuletics, and set atop more ads for educating in the crimnul arts of taggun' and truancy!

  2. That’s all fine and dandy but the hoodrats young and old cant read, now if you promised them money.......

  3. Welfare pays the same whether one is literate or not.


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