P&L District: Kansas City Money For Nothing

Crunching the numbers on the bar biz, big promises and quiet disappointment. Take a look:

"According to Kansas City’s Department of Regulated Industries, the number of liquor licenses and restaurant and bar workers has remained flat citywide since before the entertainment district opened. That means that while there may be more of those things in a few blocks downtown, they really just migrated from elsewhere in the city. Government intervention didn’t create anything new."

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Are You Not Entertained?

One of the things my daughters and I love about road trips is visiting the many laboratories of entertainment around the country. Some of the differences are due to geography-the beaches of San Diego and the mountain resorts of Vail. Many others are simply regional cultural differences-the barbecue of Kansas City, Memphis, and Charlotte.


  1. Hang this frickin' failure around Kay Barnes neck, Sly James will have plenty of his own when Downtown Hotels start closing, Condos go into "Fire Sale" mode and the Plastic Box at KCI fails completely.


  2. ^^and yet that will never happen. Weird.

  3. ^^^7:56 And yet, there you are again with your "and yets"

    What's weird is that you have no life, obvious skills & talents and you're pretending to have some sort of authority over everyone.

    Obviously, what you really are is a CHICKENSHIT with nothing to do but critique opinions of others WAY more intelligent than you.

    Go die. You won't be missed.

  4. 7:56 it's time to move out of your mothers house, or at least time to start sleeping in your own bed.
    You can continue to be a thumb-sucker if you want to.

  5. Sly's troll, 7:56, is looking for a new boss. He has toned his venom down from the dirty diapers.
    Quinton must not be hiring vicious snakes.

  6. Cordish is entitled to your cash


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