Not-So-Fun Fact: Missouri Mommy Mortality Stays Losing Amid Abortion Slap-Fight

A better take than local sources without the paywall . . . Turns out neither side of the partisan debate is willing to go out into the streets to help struggling moms amid the culture war cable news debate. Take a look:

Dr. Leana Wen: A State of Emergency in Missouri and Across the Country - Rewire.News

Just hours before the last health center offering abortion care in Missouri was forced to halt that care, a state court jumped in to protect access to safe, legal abortion for at least a few more days.


  1. Abortion is NOT essential health care! It's MURDER and needs to be STOPPED!!!

    Get some pills BITCHES!

  2. In most of the rest of the world, neo natal infant mortality at birth is counted differently than here. In the U.S., we count every live birth, including every premature birth. In many other countries, especially in second and third world countries, they count only babies who survive for a specified period following birty. Birth mortality statistics in developing countries are unreliable.

    That's why comparing neo natal and infant mortality rates between countries is an apples to aardvarks exercise.

    I doubt that the Star cares much about accuracy. It gets in the way of propaganda.

  3. Why not a push to stop illegal immigration by sending planned Parenthood to Mexico

  4. Y'all know abolishing free and easy abortions is a health crisis, because ol' Margaret Sanger set out to take out blacks, browns, and "historically" held-downs6/11/19, 1:54 PM

    Here's the short version of what Dr Wen wants for providing convenience and ease for baby butchering!

    Enough abortion services facilities in the hoods of all the major cities of the U.S., situated about like McDonald's every 5 miles apart so that the murderous mamas ain't gotta be riding no damn bus for too long, or burning too much of they gas, or waiting on that babydaddy ride to show. Yeah, don't be taking up her whole damn day just to get that bun in the oven tossed into the trash. See, the ghetto gals, lezzes, transmans, blacks, browns, and all the historically held-downs just ain't paid 'nuff to be going to no fancy or far away place for some "scoops dat oops-baby" stuff.

    OMG, a safety net of widely available abortion on demand is like having the unlimited expense account to go wild hoeing and having all the fun sex any woman (all the women, remember, cis-, lez, trans, non-binary, yadda, yammer, yakkity, yak) would want. Oh, careful, STDs are more trouble than ending those pesky pregnancies!

    And, don't being a female (or, playing one, you know, "identifying") for so very many of us have its pains. That's why we got the troubles with those oxy addictions and shit. Girl, those little birth control pills are a bitch to remember, but the doctors and the dealers named and numbers are right at the tip of the tongue (so to speak) to get ahold of them mommy's lttle helpers.


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