North Chouteau Trafficway Tragedy Aftermath

News from the scene of this recent deadly run-in and a reminder to stay safe on local streets. Read more:

1 killed when train, SVU collide Thursday night in Kansas City

One person was killed Thursday night when an SUV and train collided at North Chouteau Trafficway and East Front Street, Kansas City police said.The crash was reported about 9:15 p.m.Accident investigators said a train crew was moving a train at low speed to a yard when the wreck happened.A witness told police that the driver of a blue Ford Escape drove past a flare warning and hit the train, police Sgt.


  1. Bet the train didnt change lanes and had the right away.

  2. ^^bet you're old and lonely.

  3. Fox4, demonstrating their usual level of accuracy in reporting headlined this story as "TRAIN HITS SUV".

    Further proof that getting information from "Faux News" is as reliable as paving a driveway with Jello.

  4. ^^^So you concluded from the accurate Fox News story that the headline was misleading. You further concluded that therefore "Faux News" is an unreliable source for information, even as you relied on its accuracy to criticize the headline. Loony leftist logic!

  5. ^^so tired.

  6. Trains are very large, flashing lights on the front, horns, and make the earth shake as they approach.... hard to miss.


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