Wednesday, June 05, 2019 Seyz Kansas City Chiefs Suck If They Don't Win Super Bowl 2019

Great expectations and a cruse from on high against the Kansas City hype machine. Check the local fanboy response:

Arrowheadlines: Chiefs "must win title" for 2019 to be a success, says

State of the Franchise: Chiefs must win title for '19 to be success | NFL This is such a fun time to be a Chiefs fan. There aren't many times when you can say you have the best player in the sport on your team.


Anonymous said...

The success or failure of the Chiefs will depend on how many more illiterate ghetto thug players get caught beating women and children. The NFL doesn’t care if they beat women and children, they do care if they get caught.

Anonymous said...

Well then I guess they will suck like always so what's news about that?

Anonymous said...

@6:02AM Let me correct you...NOBODY cares if they beat their wives. NOBODY. If you say you do, your a liar. Get real dude. Just say you're a racist and be honest. All your virtue signalling renders everything you posted irrelevant.