Sunday, June 30, 2019

Newsflash: Kansas City VA Stays Losing

Print media personnel criticism directed about the long-suffering agency and the veterans it struggles to serve. Read more:

'Queen of cover-ups': Head of Kansas City VA hospital has history of withholding info

Kathleen Fogarty, director of the Kansas City VA Hospital, has withheld information of a Veterans Affairs Police altercation with patient Dale Farhner, who died two days later. The leader of the Kansas City VA Medical Center has been under fire for withholding information about a patient's death, allegedly at the hands of Veterans Affairs Police.


Anonymous said...

The Star's scandal du jour. It's supposed to take the place of reporting the news. Really reaching on this one though.

Anonymous said...

Trump said he fixed the VA.

In fact he brags that he can fire all the bad people now.

What happened?

He lied? Again?

Anonymous said...

^^^Or is it you who are lying? Again.

Anonymous said...

Trump 2020

Anonymous said...

I guess when the police car chase "scandal" last week grew no legs, they went on to this.

Anonymous said...

So 2:45, I'm lying? That would mean, according to you, Trump actually campaigns on the fact the VA is still broken? He hasn't fixed it. He has failed in caring for vets. That is your defense???

Well, I haven't seen a video of that version, but OK. Good luck with that, loser.