Newsflash: Kansas City Still Hasn't Fixed Potholes As Promised

After the election, residents are advised NOT to hold their breath for a fix to this longstanding problem. Take a look:

Why Kansas City's Summer Drivers Are Still Swerving Around Winter Potholes

A cold, snowy winter left Kansas City roadways riddled with potholes. Now, historic amounts of rain have delayed public works crews' ability to fix them. Some city departments, such as those in Overland Park and Kansas City, Missouri, are sending crews out on rainy days to try to patch them.


  1. The city is broke the go bonds are gone.


  2. Sure hope that Mayor-elect Lucas starts in motion a process to get rid of Troy Schulte so we can get a new Public Works director.

    Replacing Sherri McIntyre won't solve the problem but it's definitely a good start. Then the new director needs to clean house in Public Works, especially in their administration division.

  3. Sly Lucas won't do shit idiot.

  4. I got news for those folks who think the City "fixed" some potholes. They didn't. Crews spooned in a loose and crunchy mix of gravel and oil, only to see it kicked out by rain and cars. Technically, it was fixed. Technically.

  5. I don’t know if that’s what it was but it definitely sucked whatever it was, have you seen the obnoxious sticky oily streaks in the roads after the cars drive over it? I’m afraid to look under my car and in the wheel wells to see how much of this crap stuck to my vehicle.

  6. Quinton was homeless. In the big picture, potholes are a minor inconvenience.

  7. Nope. Still hitting potholes. Meanwhile, Overland Park is hard at work replacing their main roads, like Metcalfe or 69. When will Kansas City catch up...? Oh they wont. Theyre too busy trying to impress assholes from Nebraska and Iowa.


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