Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Newsflash: Kansas City Might Or Might Not Take Missouri Weed Law Seriously

We already covered this today the newspaper plays ketchup with a wordy think piece telling everybody what they already know . . . Missouri marijuana regs are a big joke and it's ALREADY WEED OPEN SEASON in Kansas City given that the Jackson County prosecutors office will decline most low-rent weed charges. Here's the presser copy from today's newspaper:

Most doctors won't OK Missouri medical marijuana requests. But these KC clinics will

Missouri Cannabis Clinic in Raytown is one of a handful of clinics in the Kansas City area poised to offer certification for patients seeking use of medical marijuana. Darby Cook is about to open her Missouri Cannabis Clinic because she thinks suffering Kansas Citians should get to use medical marijuana - as her mother did.


Anonymous said...

Jean Petersucker Baker doesn’t prosecute murder or robbery very aggressively. Why would she prosecute weed offences?

Anonymous said...

Roll another one,
Just like the other one.
You been holding onto it,
And I sure would like a hit!
Don't bogart that joint my friend,
Pass it over to me!

Mean Jean probably gets high off your confiscated supply.

Anonymous said...

Wise up folks this is the divide and conquer strategy that they want you to fall for. Get everyone relaxed and in a state of euphoria to take you over. Of course liberals will play right along as they always have.

Anonymous said...

^^Ugh huh. Whateves. Awful take. Really awful. How come you don't have anything better to do?

Anonymous said...

It is a lead pipe cinch that Kansas City, or anyone, "might or might not" do a particular thing.